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Integrated Marketing Search Engine Marketing Chapter 1 Instructor: Dawn Rauscher.

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1 Integrated Marketing Search Engine Marketing Chapter 1 Instructor: Dawn Rauscher

2 Brief Marketing History When Did it Begin? –1800’s -- Newspapers –1900’s -- Radio & TV Types of Marketing? –Direct Marketing –Database Marketing –Profiling –Clustering –Segmentation Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) –Scanner Data –Consumer Interviews Web Marketing –Banner Ads –Bulk Email –Portals –Search Engine Marketing

3 Offline Marketing Lessons TV Road Blocks –1960’s 4 Ads for 2 Nights targeted 90% audience –Today 85 TV Ads Problems –Thousands of channels –Newspapers –Radio Stations –Billboards –Web pages

4 Digitization Changes Countless Choices –Example: Music (MP3, ipod, ipad, Pandora) –Example: Newspaper Manage Ad Campaigns –Web allows for segmentation –Target specific audience Transformation –Few Campaigns/Year –Thousands of Campaigns Simultaneously Media –Mostly make money by displaying advertising

5 New Marketing Model Analytics –Digital Media sends data to the analytics –PPC, SEO, banner adds, bulk email, ect. –Traditional Media have been added to this stream of information Benefits –Where is the traffic coming from? –How much does it cost per lead? –How much does it cost per sale? –What is the value per visitor? Results –What is going on? –What can we do about it? –Change campaigns accordingly

6 Google’s Role AdWords (Easy, popular, successful) Ads on AM/FM radio Ads on TV (CNN, MSNBC, Animal Planet) –Upload a video, select markets, place bids Newspaper Market Mobile Device ads

7 Limits of Traditional Marketing Connections of TV ad views to sales could not be tracked TV stations did not know if the show was being watched Radio stations didn’t know if people were listening Newspapers could only track sales and subscriptions

8 Unique URL’s & Tracking Codes Send the customer to a webpage Unique URL’s included in all ads – for TV – for radio Tracking tools record visits, actions, conversions Unique URL’s with a redirect to the main site

9 Buying Cycle 1.Awareness of a desire or need 2.Research the market 3.Compare products 4.Purchase the product

10 Length of Buying Cycle Low cost products = A few days Large purchases = Month Industrial Equipment = Six Months Real Estate = Years

11 Integrated Marketing The use of two or more marketing channels to sell a product or service.

12 Digital Marketing Tools Analytics --- Software to track campaigns PPC (pay-per-click) ---Place Ads on search results Multivariate Testing (MTV) Software to test permutations of web pages Targeting Messaging Databases, analytics, behavioral targeting, customer profiles to send targeted messages Business Intelligence (BI) Software that collects sales & financial activity CRM Software to track customers

13 Integrated Marketing Strategies –Divide up customer base into categories –Display message at audience through multiple channels –Point viewers to unique URL

14 Enterprise Marketing Management EMM Uses various tools to manage marketing strategies and tactics –Reduces costs –Increases productivity –Grows revenue Other Names – Marketing Resource Management (MRM) –Marketing Operations Management (MOM) Unica is the market leader

15 Conclusion Google AdWords allow marketing to be a trackable activity Digitized Marketing offers new tools for automated distribution of campaigns across multiple channels Traditional Marketing and Online Marketing have merged into one package


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