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Innovation Adoption iPad By: Lou Ann Morris. Need Student’s need a notebook, this is the notebook of the future. E-books at the student’s finger tips.

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1 Innovation Adoption iPad By: Lou Ann Morris

2 Need Student’s need a notebook, this is the notebook of the future. E-books at the student’s finger tips. Podcasting in just seconds. Videos on demand. E-mail within seconds Students not longer have to have many different devices they need just one.

3 iPad The best way to experience the web, email, video and pictures. This new innovation will change your view of technology and the ease of using it.

4 Innovation-Decision Process Knowledge What is an iPad? How does an iPad work? Is it easy to use?

5 Would you like to experience the web with the touch of your finger? The iPad has a search engine built in “Safari,” touch the icon and you are on the web. Safari

6 E-Mail E-mail is now at your finger tips. Touch your e-mail icon and you can view your email. If you have more than one account you can view each of them.

7 Photos Never forget a face. iPad also has a photo album in which you can create and display images.

8 Videos Do you want to view a family video or a video on Jamestown? The iPad is the perfect place to watch these videos.

9 YouTube has now been redesigned just for iPad. Tap the video you want to see and the video appears in full screen. Use your finger tip to play your video and pause at any point that you would like. YouTube

10 iPod No longer do you need a small musical device, your music is now on your iPad. Just touch the iPod icon and pick your favorite music to play.

11 iTunes Would you like to have music and TV shows at your finger tips? Then the iPad is for you.

12 With the app store you can download many different applications just for the iPad. If you are teaching about Jamestown, there is an app for it. The app store has many educational games and well as educational lessons. App Store

13 The iBook is an app that you can download from the app store. With the iBook app you can download books and read them right from your iPad with the tip of your finger. iBooks

14 Paper maps are out and iPad maps are in. Tap the screen and pull up your location in HD satellite imagery, street view, and topography view. Maps

15 You have a test tomorrow and you need to take notes, the notepad is at your finger tips, take out your iPad and start typing. Notes

16 Calendar Have you ever forgotten when your next paper is due? This will no longer happen with the iPad. The calendar is just a touch away to keep track of all important dates.

17 Contacts You will no longer forget your best friend’s phone number, e-mail address, or facebook account. Place these people in your contact list and with a touch you can contact them.

18 Innovation-Decision Process Persuasion Combine reading with ibooks Ease of download of apps Many education apps Podcast can be used on iPad Mobile learning 21 st century learning.

19 Innovation-Decision Process Decision Access to the internet Surf the web Download information such as apps, music, podcast, photos and videos. Read or write blogs

20 Innovation-Decision Process Implementation Raise school profile Read and write blogs and wiki’s Reference information Record and play back podcast Research information for class work

21 Innovation-Decision Process Confirmation Teacher and students work together in creating podcast. Students share globally by using e-pals Teachers and students are using 21 st century skills

22 Timeline on the iPad Jan 27, 2010 iPad is announced to the public. March 5, 2010, announces iPads will go on sale April 3, 2010 April 3, 2010 goes on sale. April 4, 2010 – 300,00 iPads sold – 1 million iPad apps downloaded – 250,000 e-books downloaded

23 Timeline continued April 30, 2010, Wifi + 3 G iPad goes on sale in US. May 3, 2010, 1 million iPads sold May 28, 2010 iPad available in 9 counties September 1, 2010, Apple introduces Airplay # wireless printing. October 3, 2010, iPads can be purchased in Target and Walmart.

24 Research The iPad is so new that little research has been completed on it. Right now there is a research that is going on at West Chester University on the iPad. One topic that is being research is if the iPad would be better then the Kindle or Nook. Overall West Chester wants to find out if the iPad can be incorporated into the academic community. life/doc4ca4a6aa61a1e240514271.txt life/doc4ca4a6aa61a1e240514271.txt

25 Development In August 2010, the iPad was introduced to a group of student. Each participant went through an orientation and were gave an iPad. They were told to incorporate the iPad into their “personal and professional lives.” The overall goal is for the students and faculty to incorporate the iPad.

26 Commercialization The iPad has already been developed and is being incorporated into other schools and classrooms across the country. In fact right now Apple is getting ready to introduce iPad 2, which will have a camera incorporated into the unit.

27 Right now the Apple’s iPad is the only tablet of it’s kind, but right now there are other companies working to develop a tablet, some of these companies are Dell, Rim and Microsoft. A big question about the iPad will it replace the PC, this is yet to be seen. Threats

28 References 30/life/doc4ca4a6aa61a1e240514271.txt 30/life/doc4ca4a6aa61a1e240514271.txt

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