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Current Events Presentation – Technology in the classroom By: Emily Tracy.

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1 Current Events Presentation – Technology in the classroom By: Emily Tracy

2 Future of the classroom With all the iPad’s features, the possibilities of the future classroom are unbelievable! Just like when the Smart Board was introduced, many classrooms removed white boards to make room for the new technology.

3 Changes in the classroom One of the many features on the new iPad is the iBook app. With this kind of technology, I believe books will be used less and less in the next 10 – 20 years. Why waste the paper on millions of copies when you can make one simple downloadable hard drive with a book on it? In the classroom, iPads can be the new educational books. Plus, you wouldn’t have 3-4 books for school. You would simply have your lightweight, 25 oz. iPad! This could actually lead to health benefits like back problems for young students.

4 iPad When the iPad was first released in April 2010, 3million were sold within the first 80 days. As of September 30 th, there have been roughly 7.5 million sold. The iPad has an extraordinary amount of features, downloadable apps, & it comes in handy for just about anything. It’s memory ranges from 16gb, 32gb & 64gb. The iPad comes with Safari, Mail, Photos, Video, YouTube, iPod, iTunes, App Store, iBook, Maps, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, and Spotlight Search applications.

5 In future years.. In future years of the classrooms, a few of the things that may “plummet” are books, simple calculators, & chalk boards. Chalk boards are already not seen that often but they most likely will be seen even less! Books, like I said earlier, will probably be used less and less because of the iBook app on the iPad. Calculators by themselves will also probably be used less and less. Simple calculators are already on a lot of things like cell phones, PDA’s, etc., but with the iPad, calculators won’t be necessary to have if you have an iPad.

6 Future Technology – “The Sixth Sense” “The Sixth Sense” is a “gesture-controlled” device that projects an image of a screen literally anywhere. Then, you can use it to do any of the following: Make a call, pull up a map, bring up articles/videos, check the time, check your email.

7 Coming to conclusions… The articles/resources I have chosen captured my interest because they were pretty straight forward. I like to read, but having something that just gives me simple facts makes it a lot easier to put together! Through this, I have learned that I am in DESPERATE need of an iPad! They would come in handy with so much. They would be helpful in school, and have plenty of extra features out of it! We could use the iPad in Geometry by being able to use it as a calculator or as a drawing pad (so we don’t waste paper). rable_gadget_gives_you_sixth_sense.html LINKS:



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