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Instructor David Bell EDB 8514 Office: 778-782-4436.

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2 Instructor David Bell EDB 8514 Office: 778-782-4436

3 What is this course about? This course is designed for current and future teachers in the K-12 system It covers three content areas: –It’s partly about mastering computing ( & other) technologies that are used in schools –It’s partly about understanding the ideas and problems that shape how computing technologies get used in schools –It’s partly about learning to design meaningful uses of computing technologies for K-12 classrooms

4 How will the course work? A combination of: –Discussions –Demonstrations and Labs –Design assignments –Readings, research and written work

5 We will… Learn about some of the most common applications of computers (& other technologies) in schools today –Lab work, readings Learn about some things that are not used much in schools today, but should be –Design assignments, readings Feel comfortable about trying new things with computing and networking technologies –Work on design assignments in class Begin developing a critical stance on uses of technology in schools –Written responses to readings –Class discussions –Position paper

6 Technical support I will give you as much time as possible to work on your technical projects in class, but... You will need to spend additional time in this lab –1 day per week on campus will not be enough, unless you are technically self-sufficient –I can only support you technically if you work in the CET using the applications I know

7 Your Grade 50% design assignments 15% brief written responses to assigned readings 25% position paper on a course-related topic of your choice 10% PowerPoint presentation on you position paper (Details will be on the course web site)

8 Extra Credit Bringing interesting Ed Tech news items or web sites to class for the whole group to discuss –It’s helpful if you can e-mail me about these a day or two before, so I can plan them into the lecture/discussion Helping your peers with their assignments in class (peer tutoring)

9 Late Policy If you are late in submitting any part of an assignment, marks will be deducted at a rate of 5% PER DAY. This means: –At one day late, it is still possible to get an A+ on a perfect assignment. –After three days, a perfect assignment could only get a B+. –At six days late, the best a perfect assignment could get is a C- Do not ask me for extensions without documentation of a medical or compassionate reason

10 How can I do well in this course? Show up every week –If you miss more than 2 sessions in the semester, I will deduct two percentage points for each class missed Hand in all the assignments on time Pay close attention to the posted grading criteria Submit a full-length draft of your position paper (not point-form notes) on time Keep an open mind about the issues

11 Questions for You What is a computer? Why should anyone want students to use computers in schools? What have you seen computers used for in schools recently?

12 What do we mean by “technology”? Anything people create and use to extend what they can do with their minds, bodies, senses and voices Includes: Writing (alphabets, paper, pens, chalkboards, etc.) Tools for measuring and recording Photography, film, video Telecommunications (radio, telegraph, telephone, satellite) Calculating machines Computers These are all part of the society around us –They effect (for better and sometimes worse) the ways we think, solve problems, and communicate

13 Learning to teach with computing technology We know that: It takes progressive refinement It takes a long time (years, not weeks or months) Few teachers do it alone –Most have ongoing support from peers in their schools, administration, and the surrounding community.

14 Contacting me David Bell –e-mail –Office: EDB 8514 –Office hours: by appointment On campus most days, but often in meetings. Be sure to make an appointment by e-mail if you don’t want to be frustrated!

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