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MIS 470: Information Systems Project Yong Choi School of Business Administration CSU, Bakersfield.

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1 MIS 470: Information Systems Project Yong Choi School of Business Administration CSU, Bakersfield

2 Instructor Name: Yong Choi, PhD Office: BDC 105 Class time: 6:00pm – 8:05pm (M,W) Office hours: 4:30 – 6:00pm (M,W) or by appointment Office Phone: (661) 654 - 6691 Email Address:

3 About Smart Classroom…. Three text boxes Username: MISLabUser Password: Log onto: CSUB-AD DO NOT TRY TO FIX ANYTHING!! Let technicians know and fix your problem Direct call to ITRS (x2307) You will never be penalized because of technical problems of this classroom. Make sure the Internet connection of your computer works! If yours does not work, change to others.

4 MIS Lab Security Policy IT and Dean’s office established an official security policy. Students are not allowed to stay in the MIS Lab without a faculty member present. Students will not be allowed to loan the MIS lab proxy card under no circumstances. There are no exceptions to this rule. Contact the Dean’s office if you have questions or suggestions about this policy

5 Course Material Logon information Username: ychoi2 Password: Select “My Courses” Download trial version ArcView SW tool

6 Course Objectives An experimental class. Please be patient! Learn how to develop and implement web-based applications using Microsoft FrontPage. Learn Designed for a student who has no or little experience with fundamentals of GIS and its applications. Course Format Web applications: in-class GIS: onlineonline GIS research paper

7 Evaluation and Grading The grading scales are subject to change. Assignment50% GIS paper50% A: 93-100, A-: 90-92.9, B+: 87-89.9, B: 83-86.9, B- :80-82.9, C+: 77-79.9, C: 73-76.9, C-: 70-72.9, D+: 67-69.9, D: 63-66.9, D-: 60 - 62.9, F: below 60

8 More Evaluation and Grading Your goal in this class shall be to learn as much as you possibly can about the design and implementation of web and GIS applications to solve various problems. Various assignments and term paper will help you to increase knowledge of web and GIS. Grades can be curved and will never be curved down. i.e. if everyone gets above 90%, everyone gets an A

9 Submission of Assignment by Email Turn in all GIS assignments by a CD at the end of quarter May 24 (Wednesday) Only ArcView and ArcGIS have assignments. ArcView trial SW can be downloaded But ArcGIS trial (evaluation) SW must be ordered from the ESRI’s website. So, Order Now! Turn in your group term paper (draft and final version) by email

10 Course Guideline Class Attendance Is required if there is any (e.g., paper presentation) Notify me first by email prior to the absence. Miss a class because of a documentable illness or other reasonable cause, I will provide help. The attendance will be checked time to time. Class Participation Is encouraged Participation can be used in determining where final grade cutoffs will be made Extra credit may be awarded for outstanding contributions.

11 Course Guideline Late work will not be accepted. Failure to submit an assignment by the deadline will result in a grade of 0. A written excuses from the appropriate person such as a medical doctor is the only acceptable form of excuse.

12 Course Guideline Office hours You must be able to demonstrate you have already put a reasonable effort into solving and/or analyzing the problems. Please do not try to use office hours to make up for a missed class (I do not repeat any lectures). Honor code Classroom conduct

13 Course Activities Web application GIS online course GIS term paper

14 GIS Term Paper Small group activity Only two people in each group OK to do by yourself Draft paper week 5 class (Monday, April 24) Turn in and present (using MS PowerPoint) a draft paper. Final version paper Must be submitted May 31 (Wednesday) Must be presented on Monday, June 5.

15 GIS Term Paper Format References Must rely upon academic journals and books Need at least 20 sources, and only 3 or 4 should be books and Internet sites. Sometimes, you can download a full-length academic journal article thru the Internet The term paper should be: typed, single-spaced, at least 10 pages, with one inch margins and use Times New Roman 12 point font. See syllabus for more details….

16 Who are you? Introduce yourself… Name Standing (i.e., senior, junior…) Major What do you do? – if you have a part or full time job Your current job title and description Your expectations

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