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Philanthropy, Values and Citizenship

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2 Philanthropy, Values and Citizenship
Session One

3 Philanthropy What does the word philanthropy mean?
Can you think of any famous philanthropists? How can you tell that a person is a philanthropists? Can you think of any philanthropists you know in your own life? What makes a philanthropist decide how to help others?

4 Values Review the different values on the YPI value tree.
Fill in the 3 most important values to you and the three least important values to you on the “What do I value” worksheet.

5 Values In groups of two or three, explain which values you found most important and least important and why. Complete questions three on the “What do I value” worksheet.

6 Values Class discussion!
What are the values that are most important to our class? (complete question four.) How have you demonstrated your most important value? Did you learn anything new about yourself?

7 Values Individually create your own Personal Values Statement on the “What do I value” worksheet. YPI suggests you post your values statement somewhere where you will see it often.

8 Citizenship What does citizenship or being an active citizen mean?
What makes a philanthropist a valuable citizen?

9 Citizenship Philanthropists use their values to find a way to make the world a better place. Can you think of any ways you could put your values into action to improve your school or community?

10 Session One Complete!

11 Your Local Community Session Two

12 YPI Teams How do you work successfully as a team?
What are the different roles team members need to take for a team to work well? What makes a good team mate?

13 YPI Teams Time to make teams! Step One: Please pick a partner.
Step Two: Write your names on the top of a piece of paper. Step Three: Write the names of other class members you’d be happy to work with. Step Four: Hand your list in to your teacher and wait.

14 YPI Teams While you wait…
Share your personal values statement with your partner. What are the differences, What are the similarities?

15 YPI Teams Once in your teams share your personal values statements with everyone. Decide on the 3 values that are most important to your team. Create a team values statement using the values that are most important to your team.

16 Community Social Issues
“Social Issues” are issues in your community that are preventing the community from working well. In your teams brainstorm the social issues in your community.

17 Community Social Issues
Share the social issues your group wrote down with the class. Review the social issues and social service charities worksheet.

18 Team Work: Research and Present a Social Issue
Your team will be given a social issue to research and present. The presentation will be short, just a few minutes! Present what the issues is and some ideas about how it might be addressed.

19 Presentation Tips This mini presentation will give you a chance to work on your presentation skills which you will need for YPI. Tips: Speak Clearly and confidently Use effective body language Always face the audience Organize your ideas logically Rehearse as a team Use audio-visual material selectively Be creative!

20 Team Work Time to research and prepare your presentations!

21 Session Two Completed!

22 Growing A Compassionate Community
Session Three

23 Social Issue Mini-Presentations
Each group will give their short presentation. After each team’s presentation as a group agree on: One positive piece of feedback. One question to ask about the presentation.

24 Choosing a Social Issue
Your team will pick a social issue to focus on for the rest of YPI. Your social issues should be something that you believe needs to be solved most urgently. Fill in the “Diamond 9” sheet to help decide which issue is the most important.

25 Choosing a Social Issue
Questions to think about while filling the “Diamond 9” sheet. Do you have family or personal experience with one of these social issues? Are there certain groups of people you feel need extra support? Do you believe there should be more offered for young people? Have there been any recent events in the community that have caused problems? What does your research tell you is the most pressing need?

26 Choosing a Social Issue
Compare you “Diamond 9” sheet with the rest of your group’s. Are there any similarities you can find? Completed another “Diamond 9” sheet as a group.

27 Team Mission Statement
Pick a social issue that your team is going to help to solve. Write a team mission statement. A mission statement is a brief statement of the purpose and values of a company or charity that is designed to show clearly what your team aims to achieve. It also helps to give a team a clear identity.

28 Team Mission Statement
Consider these questions when writing your mission statement: What are your team’s values and interests? What does your team hope to accomplish in the community? What social issue is the most important to your team and why? What do you think is the best way to bring about change you would like to see in your community?

29 Team Mission Statement
It would be an excellent idea to include your teams Mission Statement in your final YPI presentation.

30 YPI Video Watch this video for more information on the rest of the project.

31 Session Three Completed!

32 Research And Chose A Charity
Session Four

33 Mission Statement Look at the mission statement you wrote last class. Are you still comfortable with it? Is there anything you would like to change? Have one team member read it to the class.

34 Initial Research Use the internet to search for local charities working to solve the social issues that your team is focusing on. Use search engines and for a list of websites in the student section. Decide as a team which websites to focus on.

35 Initial Research Create a list of as many social service charities as you can that meet the criteria for your mission statement and are working to address your chosen social issue. From your list pick your teams top three choices. Research you top choices further and fill out the worksheet “Shortlist of Three Charities.” Check VERY carefully that your top three choices are eligible for a YPI grant.

36 Choosing a Charity Use the “Decision Making” sheet to pick your groups favorite charity. In the next YIP session you will begin to do more active and in depth research into your chosen charity.

37 Communication Skills Practice
One of the first things you will need to do is contact the charity to arrange a time to visit and interview a member of its staff. To prepare you will have to practice your communication skills – in this case your telephone skills. On the phone you will have explain what YPI is and that you and your team would like to visit and learn more about the work they do.

38 Communication Skills Practice
This phone call is very important because it is the start of your relationship with your charity. Write a script for your telephone call. Use the “Telephone Call Scenario” sheet to help you.

39 Session Four Completed!

40 Active Research Session Five

41 Contact Your Charity As a team pick three days and times when you would all be available to visit your charity have that with you when you make the call. Practice your telephone script one more time! Call your charity  If you cannot get through – leave a detailed message and send a follow up . If you do get through use your script and keep notes of what they tell you.

42 Preparing Your Visit In order to make sure you have enough information to create a good presentation on your charity you will need to prepare questions to ask them ahead of time. Plan a set of question to ask the representative of your chosen charity when you meet them. Use the handout to help you make your questions.

43 Visiting Your Charity Tips for making your meeting successful:
Make sure you know the exact address and how to get there. Note down the full name of the person or people that you are meeting with and their title so you know what they do at the charity. Arrive about ten minutes early. Take detailed notes during the interview – you will need this information during your presentation.

44 Visiting Your Charity Some extras to consider during your visit:
Film the interview (ask permission first) so you can show clips during your presentation. Take photos of your visit (ask permission) to use in your presentation. Collect some materials – leaflets/posters – to hand out during your presentation.

45 Session Five Completed!

46 Effective Charities Session Six

47 Connections Report to the class the progress that your team has made connecting with your chosen charity.

48 Effective Charities It is important to know how effective your charity is – it will help you to build a more detailed presentation. Charity Aims – Why do you think it is important that a charity has clear goals? Does your chosen charity have clear aims? What do you think your charity’s values are?

49 Effective Charities Charity Spending –
Take a look at the worksheet “Charity Spending” Which pretend charity is spending their money most effectively? Make sure to find out how much money your charity has, and what percentage of their budget goes to what.

50 Effective Charities What difference is you Charity Making?
Check out the “Charity Impact” sheet. Why is it important for charities to be able to demonstrate their impact and the fact that they are making a difference? Does your charity clearly show the impact it is having on the local community? How would you charity use the grant to make maximum impact on the community? If you can try to find out this information on your charity and use it in your presentation.

51 Session Six Completed!

52 YPI Presentations Session Seven

53 Ready, Set, Present! Once you have completed your research and meet with your charity your team will have to put together a 10 minute presentation. You are welcome to use video as part of your presentation. - The video must be student made (not a charity produced video.) - It must be no more then 5 minutes long.

54 YPI Speak Out Watch the YPI Speak Out Video for presentation tips.

55 YPI Speak Out What different techniques do the student use to present their information? What different skills do you have in your own team? How can you be creative? How can you give helpful feedback to other teams when they rehearse their presentations? Make sure to take time to practice and ask for feedback from other groups, teacher, and parents. Do this several times before presenting to your class.

56 Presentation Success Take a look at the “Presentation Success Criteria” handout. Plan carefully so that every member of the team has an active role to play in the presentations. If you are working with any kind of audio/visual or internet in your presentation make sure it is all working before you start .

57 Session Seven Complete!

58 The End! Good Luck 


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