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Purchasing and Accounts Payable Overview of changes in: Requisitions Purchase Orders LPO’s 1099’s Travel Expense Reports.

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1 Purchasing and Accounts Payable Overview of changes in: Requisitions Purchase Orders LPO’s 1099’s Travel Expense Reports

2 Changes in Requisitions No longer area org numbers - You will now use a 3 character department code PUR

3 Changes in Requisitions Requisitions are pre-numbered, alpha numeric sequence (R plus 6 digits) PUR

4 Changes in Requisitions Vendor codes: If you currently put vendor codes on your reqs as an aid to us, all codes are changing. You will be able to obtain new ones from copies of orders. PUR ACEHASU Ace Hardware & Supply 300 S. College Oxford, Ohio 45056

5 Changes in Requisitions Requisitions will be picked up in the supply room as in the past, but a log will be kept recording requisition numbers with the corresponding department. A permission slip will not be required to pick up requisitions.

6 Changes in Requisitions Where you formerly entered your CUFS account code, you will now enter your Banner number. This shall consist of : –A Chart code –An Index code –An Account # –An Activity code (optional) This could be up to a 16 character sequence and should be as: C PUR000 155073 024

7 Changes in Requisitions Information entered on requisitions for purchase orders should be broken down as much as possible. Banner requires a unit cost for every item. Each item should be listed individually and a cost, if known, listed for each item. Requisitions with “items per the attached list” - If the items can be broken down to a reasonable number, they should be itemized on the requisition with the backup or detailed specifications/instructions included as an attachment. If the length of the list is such that it cannot be broken down (10 items or more) then include the list as an attachment.

8 Changes in Requisitions Return all unused, un-numbered requisitions to the Office Supply Room in Robertson. We are going to send them to a printer to have them numbered so as not to waste forms.

9 Reimbursements Use new requisition form Use department code in place of area org number Use Banner number in place of CUFS account code Two signatures are required Remember - Approvals must go up the ladder An Administrative Assistant cannot approve a reimbursement for their Director or Chair If the receipt which is attached has the requestors signature, this is acceptable. That individual will not have to re-sign the requisition.

10 Direct Payments (Previously Payment Vouchers) Use new requisition form Use department code in place of area org number Use Banner number in place of CUFS account code Attach ORIGINAL invoice to back of requisition

11 1099’s Use new requisition form - in the vendor section in large numbers write in: 1099 Separate 1099 forms will no longer be used 1099

12 1099’s The following information is to be included when filling out requisitions for use as 1099’s  Social Security Number  The name and home address of the recipient  Country of residence  Visa type (if non - U.S. resident)  Actual calendar date(s) worked  Number of days worked  Type of payment (options on next page)  Provide complete address (even if check is not to be mailed, a complete address must be provided to comply with IRS regulations)

13 1099’s Type of payment (one must be selected and listed on the requisition):  Services  Scholarship  Fellowship  Prizes Scholastic Service Contest  Awards Scholastic Service Contest  Other

14 1099’s Use department code in place of area org number PUR 1099

15 1099’s C PUR000 155073 024 Use Banner number in place of CUFS account code

16 1099’s 1099’s for prizes, awards, scholarships must be sent to Donna Hoffman at Student Financial Aid for approval prior to being processed in Accounts Payable. 1099’s for payment of services are to be sent to Purchasing.

17 1099’s When Donna has approved, the processing sequence is as follows: Donna forwards to Purchasing Purchasing forwards to Payroll (after verifying signatures) Payroll forwards to Accounts Payable This is a change in the processing sequence from CUFS. We feel this will actually speed up the process. All of the verification processes are required for IRS reporting.

18 Purchase Orders For now, departments will continue to receive copies of purchase orders from Purchasing Banner number will NOT appear on purchase orders. In the future, there will be a screen available in Banner for lookup of purchase orders by departments. This screen will include the Banner number. Purchase order numbers can no longer be assigned without a requisition. Purchase order numbers are system assigned and in order to access the system, a requisition must be available to enter data necessary to obtain a purchase order number.

19 Purchase Orders

20 Purchase Order Invoices Departments will no longer receive copies of invoices advising them of payment on orders under $500. This follows the same philosophy as LPO’s. They will be paid upon receipt of the invoice unless Accounts Payable is notified there is a problem.

21 Purchase Order Invoices Orders for $500 - $2000 - Accounts Payable will continue to forward a green sheet to departments along with a copy of the invoice advising you that payment will be processed within 3 days unless they are notified of a problem.

22 Purchase Order Invoices Orders for $2000 or more - Accounts Payable will continue to forward a gold sheet to departments along with a copy of the invoice. This form requires action on your part. You must approve payment of this invoice either by phone, by signing the form and returning the form or by E-mailing the person listed on the form indicating your approval to process. E-mail is the preferred and most expedient method.

23 Purchase Orders There is a major change in the way information is shown in Banner. If you go into Banner and look at a purchase order to see if a payment has been made, or look at your printouts, it may appear that payment has been made. Accounts Payable enters the invoice into the system, then sends out notices requesting approval of the invoice. The invoice is expensed against your account as soon as it is entered, but is not actually paid until approval has been received and it is released by Accounts Payable.

24 Purchase Orders If there are changes, problems, returns or cancellations with orders purchasing should be advised. Advise Accounts Payable concerning problems on invoicing Banner requires each item to be processed individually for payment; therefore, any changes which may occur either at the department level or by the vendor, must be handled a change order in purchasing before the invoice can be processed for payment.

25 LPO’s No major changes in preparation of LPO’s Use department code in place of area org number L111111PUR

26 LPO’s Use Banner number in place of CUFS account code. C PUR000 155073 024

27 LPO Reminders: An LPO does not encumber your money (if your grant is expiring, issuing LPO’s to cover the remaining amount, will not work. The only way to encumber your money is with a purchase order LPO’s are the preferred method of handling pre-pays Be sure to attach the hosting form if the LPO is for food or food related items (available on the web from the handbook at ) If you receive an invoice with your shipment or in a separate envelope, forward to purchasing at once for payment. Forward LPO’s to purchasing at least once per week, no exceptions.

28 Travel Expense Reports Use department code in place of area org number Use Banner number in place of CUFS account code Mileage rates are increasing as of 07/01/99 from.27 to.31 Per diem rates are increasing on 07/01/99 for certain cities. Check our web site for exact amounts for specific cities. You may continue to use the old forms or as of 07/01/99 a new form will be available from the web site. This form can be downloaded and is in Excel format.

29 Mailroom and Office Supply Room Both areas will be using Banner numbers Mailroom charges for fiscal year 2000 will begin the week of June 28. The mailroom will not be able to process Activity codes as a part of your regular Banner number. If you used sub-orgs in the past and want to continue by using Activity codes, you will be required to obtain a separate Index code and provide that Index code to us, which will reflect the Activity code

30 Comments / Reminders Please plan in advance as much as possible. This new system impacts numerous areas within the university and until everyone is up to speed, processes will be slower. If possible, contact either Accounts Payable or Purchasing by E- mail. Your request can then be researched and a response forwarded to you as soon as possible If you forwarded a requisition a few days ago, please don’t call to see if the check is cut, yet. Standard university payment terms are net 30 days. Prepays are normally processed within 2 days Staff reimbursements are processed as quickly as possible, normally within 3-5 days. Please be patient. This is a new system for all of us. We know there will be some problems. We hope these will be kept to a minimum.

31 Banner2000 Finance Purchasing and Accounts Payable Questions? Please visit: banner/geninfo/addtlrsrcs.htm

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