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Congratulations on being awarded a grant! NOW WHAT?

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1 Congratulations on being awarded a grant! NOW WHAT?
Grants 101 Congratulations on being awarded a grant! NOW WHAT?

2 Notify Grants Accountant by completing 2 forms:
Request to Add Org Unit (Grant) Grant Budget Input Forms These forms translate your accepted proposal into a format understandable by Panthernet.

3 Send a copy of the award letter/signed contract to the Grants Accountant
Finance will assign an organizational unit (org number) for the life of the grant.

4 1. Request to Add Org Unit Provide financial information on the basics of the grant: WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE

5 USER GROUP ID Identifies a group of individuals
in relation to an org unit. Who can VIEW Who can CREATE TRANSACTIONS Who can APPROVE TRANSACTIONS

6 Grant Funded Employees
Enter the Time and Attendance Code (TA) Enter the Time and Attendance Input Person Enter the Time and Attendance Approver

7 Additional Questions What is the last day to make encumbrances/submit Purchase Orders? What is the last day to pay encumbrances with grant funds? (meaning no funds can be disbursed after this date) Are Roll-Over funds allowed?

8 Commitment When a department request is entered in the system, the funds to pay for this request are “committed”. A portion of the budget is restricted to pay for the proposed acquisition.

9 Encumbrance When a purchase order is raised to order the item a portion of the budget is restricted to ensure funds are available to pay for the acquisition.

10 2. Budget Forms Translates your approved budget into the general ledger codes used by PBCC The budget information in Panthernet must correspond to the budget approved by your awarding agency.

11 General Ledger Codes 100 accounts - assets 200 accounts - liabilities
300 accounts - control accounts 400 accounts - revenue 500 accounts - payroll and benefits 600 accounts - expenses 700 accounts - capital expenses

12 Payroll Grants Accountant forwards your budget information and new org number to Payroll and HR HR creates a budget position number and notifies Payroll Payroll notifies you that you can enter in Time and Attendance mode.

13 Coordinate with Payroll and HR
at time of hiring a new employee or at time an existing employee’s assignment is changed. Notify Payroll, HR and Grants Accountant of change in employment status in your grant.

14 Panthernet Path to view information in your org CM Campus Menu
UG User Group Access UG List User Group Choose the User Group for this org Enter GL to view income and expense

15 Know Where You Stand Review your org Review income and expenses
Compare actual to budgeted figures Know how much money you have left Work with your cut off dates in mind

16 Income & Expense Screens
GL Code Description of the GL Code Budget Column Commitments and Encumbrances Actual Income and Expense Balance of your Budget Column

17 Navigate Income & Expense Screens
Move the cursor by using the plus signs at bottom of screen. Move cursor up to desired figure. Hit enter to see detail of current month’s transactions. F8 advance to next screen F7 return to previous screen F2 return to previous application.

18 Frequently Asked Questions
Examples to Follow

19 How Are the Funds Credited to My Account?
Consult Grant Documents Each Grant is different Some may be advance payments paid quarterly Grants Accountant may request reimbursement Some may require invoices and reports

20 Invoicing Some grants require you to invoice the agency for payment
Grants Accountant will assist with preparation of invoice Invoices may require additional program information

21 How Do I Expend Funds? All transactions are processed through Panthernet All rules of the College pertaining to expenditure restrictions apply to all grants. Department Requisitions – request for purchase orders Disbursement Requests – request for check

22 How Can I Expend Funds? Consult grant documents and approved budget
Consult awarding agency guidelines Consult project officer/agency liaison Expenses must be necessary and reasonable

23 What if Monetary Needs Change?
Consult grant documents/award letter for guidance Consult project officer/agency liaison

24 What is a Budget Amendment
Written request to your awarding agency Asks to move budgeted funds from one area to another, or change in award Requirements vary with each grant Awarding agency approval normally required, unless award document specifies otherwise.

25 What is a Budget Transfer?
Command to Panthernet to move approved budget from one general ledger code to another Transfer must comply with grant requirements

26 What About Reporting? Program Reports Financial Reports

27 Program Reports Completed by Grants Administrator
Details Accomplishments Details Deliverables Forward completed copy to Grants Accountant and Grants Development Manager

28 Financial Reports Statement of monetary aspects of grant
Notify Grants Accountant of what is due and when Grants Accountant will complete forms for you

29 What About Year End? The College’s fiscal year end is June 30
If your grant continues into the next year, no action is required on your part to move the balances forward Balances will be moved after the Finance Department Year End Closing

30 College Year End Closing
May take several weeks to complete You may initiate transactions during this time if necessary. Contact Grants Accountant. You will not see your budget balances until the closing process is complete You must manually keep track of expenditures vs. budget

31 What About Purchasing? Panthernet is an integrated system
Transactions travel through the different modules of Panthernet Purchasing Department provides a manual and offers training classes throughout the year

32 Purchasing Cut Off Date
In anticipation of Year End, a cut off date is announced after which purchases are no longer allowed Usually the first week of May Allows purchasing to clear the system You are encouraged to purchase early in your grant year

33 Grants with June 30 End Date
Purchasing may be allowed after the College cut off date Such allowances made on case by case basis You must still allow for time for delivery of goods and payment

34 I Have An Existing Grant and Have Been Awarded More Money
Complete the form Notification of Additional Funding on Existing Grant Complete Grant Budget Input Form Forms located at: Submit forms and copy of award letter to Grants Accountant

35 How Do I Process Travel Reimbursements?
Confirm that travel reimbursements are allowable and budgeted in your grant All travel expenses must be pre-approved Expenses must be necessary and reasonable Use same paperwork and procedures as with other College related travel Request for Leave form must be submitted Attach all required receipts Consult College’s Travel Policy for specifics PBCC - Travel

36 External Resources Grant Documents Grant Project Manager
Granting Agency Website

37 Internal Resources Grant Development Manager Grants Accountant
Manager, Grants & Restricted Accounting Purchasing Manager Payroll Manager Human Resources Travel Department

38 Questions?

39 Grants: Time and Money Know Your Position

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