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Using the Budget in Community A brief step by step guide to managing your group’s finances through the Student Activities Software.

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1 Using the Budget in Community A brief step by step guide to managing your group’s finances through the Student Activities Software

2 You should be familiar with your Group’s Homepage ~ From here Select ‘Budget’

3 This is your budget ‘home screen.’ All accounts your organization is responsible for will be listed here

4 Select the magnifying glass to View your account information Select the pen image to Edit your account information

5 This is your Edit ‘homepage’ It is used to Add Transactions

6 Please be sure to read ALL the text on this form. If information is incorrect or missing, It will NOT be processed! This is the transaction form

7 Put your Mailbox Number, ONLY, if you want the check returned to you Always use Withdrawal when requesting funds from your account And Never use Payment… Ever!

8 All withdrawals must be reviewed and approved by the group’s advisor. Once this has happened, you will be notified and the transaction sheet should be printed off and sent to Business Services for processing

9 When making a deposit through Community this will only update your transactions through the system You will still need to bring the money to Business Services for an actual deposit, with a deposit form. The deposit form can be found in the Documents Folder

10 Things to Remember Accounts Payable (Kay Schirm) – Checks written twice a week Deadlines Tuesday noon (checks ready Thursday afternoon) Deadline Friday noon, (checks ready Tuesday afternoon) – Allow a week to ten days, from transaction date, (for processing) W-9’s – mandatory for payment to any individuals or vendors – Cornell student body, faculty and staff are exempt Reimbursements of less than $50 – can be cashed at the front desk in Old Sem – The same procedures are followed

11 Cash Advances – Available for the purchase of supplies, trip expenses, etc. in the form of a personal loan on a student’s account. there is a limit of $200 Report and leftover funds must be turned into Cindy Krob, within 30 days of loan – See details on Student Activities Advance Loans. – To be picked up and paper signed at Front Desk of Old Sem Student leaders – Responsible for entering transactions into Community including the credit card purchases, made through DSA – Deposit money with Cashier at front desk of Old Sem – Maintains contact with their Advisor regarding approvals

12 Transactions – Budget Home Screen – Magnifying Glass (next to the proper account) “Add Transaction” – Fill in all necessary fields (*) – Enter your mailbox number, if you want the check to come back to you – Always use Withdrawal – Never use Payment! After you Submit the transaction – Your group’s Advisor approves it – You are notified that they have done so (their name will appear at the top of the screen) – Print the form and send to Business Services. (3 rd floor Old Sem or Box 1653).

13 Direct Billing When a Student Group uses an established vendor with whom Cornell has an account, (Bon Appetit, Sleep Inn, Budget Car Rental, Ace Hardware, Gary’s, etc.) the invoice will come to the College and then be scanned to the Group’s Treasurer. Upon receiving an accurate invoice, the transaction should be entered into Community, approved by the advisor, printed off and returned, along with the invoice, to Accounts Payable.

14 Credit Cards If a purchase needs to be made online, Tera Kringle can assist with her credit card. A representative from the group making the purchase, must arrange to meet with Tera, to use the card. Immediately upon placing the order: the receipt or order form should be printed, the transaction entered into Community and after it is reviewed by the advisor – printed and given to Tera, along with the invoice or receipt.

15 Deposits Most deposits are made into a group’s Fundraising Account. Be sure to specify on the Deposit Form, the correct number for your group’s account. Deposits can be made on First Floor of Old Sem at the Student Accounts desk. Be sure to enter your deposit into Community.

16 Miscellaneous Charges/Transfers Occasionally, a Student Group will have copy charges, long distance phone charges or postage charges. When these charges arrive in Business Services, the group will be notified and an entry should be made into Community. If a Student Group wishes to reimburse a College department, a Withdrawal should be requested in Community, with the account number to credit, entered in the “Info” field.

17 In a Nutshell 1. Always use Withdrawal when requesting a payment. 2.Be sure to include the 5 digit number assigned to your Group’s account. 3.Print the sheet, only after your Advisor has reviewed and approved the transaction. 4.Any questions about reimbursements should be addressed to Kay Schirm.

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