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Accounts Payable Training Vendor Information & Voucher Preparation Revised 10/16/2014.

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1 Accounts Payable Training Vendor Information & Voucher Preparation Revised 10/16/2014

2 Before you purchase anything from a vendor you must make sure they are set-up in Canopy, have a W-9 on file and make sure they are not on state hold. You can do a vendor search in Canopy to see if the vendor is in our system, a HUB vendor, or on state hold. If the vendor is on state hold you may call them and inform them that they are. Then they may call the State Comptroller at 1-800-531-5441 ext.34561. Vendor Information

3 The W-9 Form is listed on the Accounts Payable homepage under Accounts Payable Forms.

4 Vendor Information If the vendor is not set-up in Canopy you will need the following information (located on the W-9 form): Vendor name Vendor address Vendor phone and fax numbers

5 If you have any questions about any of the information you need to get from a vendor, please do not hesitate to call Veronica at 519 5478. Once you receive all of this information please list it on your voucher prep form.

6 Voucher Preparation Form


8 Voucher Preparation Form Information Must be attached to EACH invoice submitted for payment All information is important on the voucher prep form Payments will be made using the information provided by each department on the voucher prep form. Please completely fill out each voucher prep form Left side and bottom of the form is for the department to fill out, and the right side is for payment processing.

9 Basic Voucher Prep Form Information Department is responsible for the following information. Account # Purchase Order # Date invoice received Date goods/services received Amount approved to pay W9 Info ***Comments (for vendor dispute or reason for late payment) Vendor information (non-P.O.) Detailed description of items (non-P.O.) DON’T FORGET TO ATTACH PACKING SLIPS

10 Cont. Basic Voucher Prep Form Information System Office has informed us that effective of September 1, 2014 all employee reimbursements have to be submitted within 90 days. If turned in after the 90 days you will not be reimbursed. This applies to travel as well as other requests for reimbursements. Texas A&M University will have no exceptions on this rule because it has to do with an IRS ruling.

11 Non- PO detail information The vendor name and information of the item purchase is required on form. Additional information is required on the voucher prep form for the following items Registration fees Award items Clothing purchases

12 Registration Fees Advanced payment of fee 6 weeks in advance only Invoice and/or registration form Date of the event (on voucher form) Copy of the Travel Request

13 Award Items No more than $100.00 per item. Local funds may be used to grant employee service awards. All cash awards must go through payroll and are subject to taxes. (including gift cards) Requires the following information on voucher form: Who received award Why When What award is it

14 Clothing Purchases Below items are required on the voucher form: Who will be receiving the clothing Why the clothing is being purchased Description of clothing item (shirt, hat, etc.) Number of each clothing item purchased This is considered a personal item and must be explained for auditing purposes. State accounts cannot be used.

15 Flowers, Floral Arrangements, and Plants Can not use state funds for these purchases May use local funds for purchase of floral arrangements for a common office space (waiting room) and landscaping plants President’s office will send flowers from the University in case of illness or death. Please contact Donna Dobson in the President’s office at 5720.

16 Invoice Requirements We can only accept invoices NOT statements Remit to address Charged to TAMUCT PO# referenced (if applicable) Valid description of purchase Correct prices Make sure to take advantage of all discounts Check to make sure NO tax was charged Does the invoice match what is in Canopy if a PO?

17 Invoices If the invoice is correct then attach a completed voucher prep form and send to Accounts Payable If the invoice is not correct then contact the vendor to make changes. Credits New invoice If you have a vendor dispute, please keep a daily log with the times you contact the vendor.

18 Dates Prompt Payment Law Invoice must be paid within 30 days of either: The day you receive the goods or service; or The day you received a correct invoice. The latest date will be used to determine the due date. Do not send invoices to us for payment if there is a dispute with the vendor.  Must keep a daily log of communication with vendor to turn in with late invoice.

19 Multiple Deliveries on One Invoice and Partial Payments Several invoices for 1 order Invoice should be paid if all items are received on that invoice Do not hold the completed invoices if correct because this may cause interest to build Do not send an invoice for payment until all items or services are received in proper working condition Applicable if the vendor is shipping your order in several shipments Date of goods/services received should be the last date on which you received your final package or service

20 Discounts We should take advantage of these discounts that vendors offer. Examples 2/10 (2% discount if paid within 10 days) 2% by 10 th (2% discount if paid by the 10 th of the next month) Cash discount These can be found in the terms section of an invoice.

21 Advanced Payments Subscriptions (6 weeks) Rental Fees (6 weeks) Maintenance Agreements (6 weeks) Rent (14 days) If payment is required by the vendor before the item will be delivered (situation dependent). Cost Savings involved

22 Purchase Orders (PO`s) A purchase order is considered anything $5,000.00 or more Any requisition can request a purchase order no matter the dollar amount Please note “Requesting PO” on requisition form A contract with vendor Rental agreements would be an example of a contract Please route all PO requests to our Purchasing department

23 PO`s Continued A purchase order is created from a requisition form. Attached to the requisition should be the contract, estimate or paperwork from vendor stating a break down of costs. An invoice should never be received before a PO is created. This would show that we are receiving goods before the Purchase order is made. This is a major audit finding. A W9 from the department will be required if they are not set up in Canopy

24 PO’s Continued The requisition and all attached paperwork is given to the Purchasing department. Purchasing will create a PO and keep all original paperwork. The PO paperwork created will be given to the department. It is the departments responsibility to keep track of all PO`s requested and make sure all payments are made to the vendor. Steps to the screen that can be utilized to help look up a PO and insure accuracy as requested are below: Go to FRS  then purch documents Change class to ‘P’ and type in the PO number for the document and press enter You can type in the vendor number to search all PO’s for that vendor

25 PO’s Continued Famis order- Force Pay Per comptrollers request Force Pay is used as an exception and is not to be used on all orders that do not match the invoice. This can only be done when an invoice is 10% more or less than the purchase order or if the invoice is $100 more or less max. An email will need to be attached from the department stating why this increase appeared. If the invoice is less than $5 no documentation is needed from the department. If a line item does not match the dollar amount on the order and it is paid as a force paid, all remaining vouchers on that order will have to be force paid to process.

26 Accounts Payable Canopy Screens

27 Open Canopy and login Your login information is the same for both FAMIS and Canopy

28 You are now at the Main Screen

29 Vendor Search To search for a vendor, click the FRS tab  search  then vendor search

30 Type in the vendor then press enter This screen will show you if the vendor is on state hold or a hub vendor To verify the correct address, click the address button on the right of this screen If the vendor is on state hold you may call them and inform them that they are. Then they may call the State Comptroller at 1-800-531-5441 ext.34561.

31 After choosing the correct vendor number, you can search all payments made to this vendor during the current fiscal year by clicking vouchers by vendor tab.

32 Clicking on a voucher will bring up this screen You can find the check date and when the check was paid by the bank The bottom of the screen will have the invoice number

33 Purchase orders Go to FRS  then purch documents Change class to ‘P’ and type in the PO number for the document and press enter You can type in the vendor number to search all PO’s for that vendor

34 On this screen you can find the PO amount, contact person, account being used, line item description, and remaining balance.

35 Phone Numbers for Accounts Payable Rachel Borego 254-519-5415 Monday- Thursday 7:30-5pm Friday 8-2pm Veronica Hernandez 254-519-5478 Monday- Thursday 7:30-5pm Friday 8-2pm

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