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Business Management And Cosmetology By: Michelle Arra.

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1 Business Management And Cosmetology By: Michelle Arra

2 Business Programs at Kent State Introduction to Business Business Law and Ethics Accounting Microeconomics Professional selling skills And More…

3 Skills You Need Communication Skills Computer Skills Math Skills Also knowing any Laws related to business

4 Getting into Stocks and Bonds Extend your knowledge into buying Stocks and Bonds You can go on Stocks and Bonds is a big part of a business and is added income to your yearly amount

5 What is Business Business is buying and trading products This is dealing with people all around the world Business is where you need good communication skills

6 How to Manage a Good Business To manage a good business you should have good time management and be very organized You have to make good schedules and know how to back it up for when employees call off Also have fun with co-workers but not to much fun you still are there boss

7 MANAGEMENT Make sure you always have a business plan and stick with it This will help you always be organized and not run your business into a hole You have to always hire enough people to make sure everyone has a part and does not get to overwhelmed

8 Where I am heading in my Career I am getting my Associates in Applied Business Management and specializing in Marketing and Sales After my two years I will be heading off to Cosmetology School We already have a Business it is a hair salon and spa. We have had six salons all together We just added a cosmetology school in Las Vegas in the past year and it is already doing very well

9 Cosmetology School I am expecting to attend the Las Vegas cosmetology school to further my career The schools name is Destinations Salon and Spa I am going to specialize in all aspects of business and doing hair in our salons I am also going to a special school to learn cosmetic tattooing

10 How Long To get my associates in Business Management will take me 2 ½ years To get my cosmetology license will take me about a year or 1500 hours And for cosmetic tattooing there is a specialized training for one week, eight hours a day. Then you also take a state board to be able to practice

11 How Computers Are Used In This Field? We have computers that run our business We use them to keep status on products and all inventory that we carry and use To keeping peoples appointments and history And collecting money and ringing them out Also we use computers for employees total income weekly to yearly The top main reason we use computers is for payroll

12 Computers We also use computers to make a website This is very important to have so customers and new customers can go to our website and see what we are all about We have every little detail on this website

13 Our Website The name of our Website is There are special links and different areas we cover on the Website Also you can find out about our cosmetology school in Las Vegas

14 Ideas About Computers Some ideas there can be is that people can go to this website and actually buy our products online Also they can make appointments though our website And see different hair styles that can be offered

15 More Ideas About Computers Computers are a huge part of our society today By making up more and more ideas as you go along with a business will take time This will help us always be there for our clients

16 Continue Education You can always continue your education just by going back to school and receiving a four year degree Going back to classes for any type of field is a good idea The use of computers everyday will give anyone great success Also you must have 20 hours of continued education for cosmetology yearly

17 How More Knowledge Helps Taking more advanced computer courses Maintaining with the education on computers each year Keep updating the computer systems Finding more programs to help the business run efficiently Keeping up with the data on the computers so your business has the newest latest state of the art computers

18 Just Log On You can just log on to my web site at Another possibility to find more out about my career is to go on to Google and type in business management, cosmetology, or cosmetic tattooing For any further questions you can just ask me THANK YOU!!!!

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