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Preparing for a Job Fair McCormick Office of Career Development.

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1 Preparing for a Job Fair McCormick Office of Career Development

2 Objectives Identify what to expect at a job fair Before – During – After Discuss what you need to do to prepare Be able to employ strategies learned at this workshop

3 What to Expect - Before A crowded, noisy room or hall Company displays and information Long lines at some booths Rush hours and lulls Staff available to assist Great conversations Awkward conversations

4 How to Prepare Professional dress for the event Prepare and copy your resume Be able to think on your feet Develop a 1 minute elevator speech Practice

5 How to Prepare Research the organizations NU Library e-resources (Wetfeet, Vault, factiva, Hoovers) Think about what organizations you want to target What questions do you want to ask the targeted organizations? Think ahead of time what you’d like to ask each company Practice answering sample questions

6 The Elevator Speech Three Elements 1.Who you are 2.What you do 3.How you do it Your story - Keep it simple -Avoid jargon outside of your industry -Focus on how you can benefit the organization or what you interested in learning Tips

7 Professional Dress Dress the part First impressions make a difference Professional Dress = Business Suit Avoid clothes that are too revealing Avoid excess jewelry Business Casual Nice slacks and collared shirt for men Nice slacks/skirt and blouse for women

8 What to Expect - During Expect to speak with individuals at all levels Recruiters get tired, especially towards the end of a fair Company lines will vary in length; plan accordingly Don’t underestimate companies with shorter lines Visit the side rooms Maintain professionalism during your entire time at the event no matter where you are

9 The Recruiters Perspective Be yourself Walk around alone at the fair Do not just drop off your resume Give a firm handshake and make good eye contact Ask good questions Approaching a crowded booth can make it difficult for recruiters to answer your questions

10 What to Expect - After Lots of information to review Thank you letters Business cards from employers Further research about the employers Possible interviews from job fair conversations Networking contacts More clarity or ambiguity about employers

11 Role Play

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