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2 2012 Fall Career Fair WHEN: OCTOBER 2, 2012 WHERE: SDC MULTIPURPOSE ROOM TIME: 12 PM – 6 PM

3 Why do companies come all this way? Employers are looking for the answer to three questions: Does the job-seeker have the skills and abilities to perform the job? Does the job-seeker possess the enthusiasm, positive attitude and work ethic that most employers expect? Will the job-seeker be a team player and fit into the organization? And they just cant get those answers from a piece of paper or job application

4 Utilize Campus-wide Career Development Educational Programming… Career Services provides numerous and diverse Career Development Educational programs to help you prepare for success at the Career Fair. –Check your hand-out –Open your Career Services emails –Check the schedule on –Call 487-2313 for information

5 Before: Target 10 companies (go to for full list of attendees) Research each to identify: What products and services they provide Location and Size What theyre working on Whats being said about them List your 3 greatest strengths and how you can add value to their company Develop 2 intelligent, informed questions

6 Utilize HuskyJOBS Post your resume Search your target companies and apply for the jobs theyve posted BEFORE the Career Fair Check Information Session schedule

7 During: What to bring to the job fair? Copies of resumes Professional notepad/pen and notes A smile and firm handshake Practiced, confident 60-second Infomercial Your calendar Research on the companies Confident and enthusiastic attitude A polished, professional appearance

8 A Solid Resume CCC - Clean, Concise, Clear Highlight your hands-on experience first Give specific details - evidence of what you have done Talk about leadership and teamwork experience List interesting activities/hobbies

9 Dress for Success Dressing Tips For Men Suit: Dark blue, brown or gray Shirt: White, light blue Tie: Contrasting (with some red) Shoes: Black or Brown Belt: Matches shoes and socks (socks match slacks) Hair: Trimmed or pulled back Avoid: Earrings Hats Heavy cologne

10 Dress for Success Dressing Tips For Women Skirt/Slacks: Dark blue, brown, gray Blouse: Light colored, not floral Shoes: Conservative Hair: Pulled away from face Avoid: Tight or revealing clothing Shoes with straps, high heels, light colored Excessive jewelry, perfume and make up

11 Your approach…your introduction…your 60- second infomercial You have one chance to make a good impression

12 The 60-Second Infomercial First…say Thank you for coming Develop and memorize a 60 second introduction: 20 seconds about you 20 seconds about co-op, internship, school 20 seconds about what you know about the company

13 After Give another firm handshake, a smile, look them in the eye and thank them for their time and information Ask them for their card (or, at least, their last name) Write it down immediately when you step away Write down 2 things you talked about during your visit Send a thank you note within 48 hours, even if they dont interview you at this time

14 After… Have your schedule ready and be close to your phone, so you can schedule multiple interviews for the day after the Career Fair GOOD LUCK!

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