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Career Fair Interviewing & More Touch the Future Career Fair.

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1 Career Fair Interviewing & More Touch the Future Career Fair

2 Informational Interviewing What is career fair/informational interviewing? –A great way to help determine if a career pathway is right for you –A method to see if you want to explore a pathway further

3 Why Career Fairs? Find out what a specific career path has to offer. Learn the positives and negatives. Find out what kind of training or further education is needed. See if a career fits with the lifestyle you want to lead. Develop relationships with experts in the fields you’re interested in.

4 Career Fair Do’s Shake hands. (Use the business handshake.) Smile. Breathe naturally and relax. Maintain eye contact when asking questions or if they ask you one. Be attentive to each response. Create additional questions as you go along. (There is no such thing as a dumb question.) Be polite. Say thank you at the conclusion.

5 Don’t chew gum. Don’t interrupt when someone is talking. Don’t ask them how much money they make. –You can ask about starting salary in that profession. Career Fair Don’ts

6 Practice! Business handshake Introducing yourself Thank you

7 Job Interviewing Different from informational interviewing – an information exchange See Sample Interview Questions Handout Practice! Practice! Practice! –Write out your answers. –Anticipate difficult questions. –Rehearse.

8 What Are You Trying to Say? Have an overall point in mind. –Specific goals/skills to highlight Have examples of demonstrating those skills prepared! –Specific events or activities with details Practice getting comfortable talking about yourself – it’s not bragging!

9 Portfolios Help people visualize. Help you explain events or activities. Are NOT photo albums. May need to be left with employer if requested so be prepared. Are optional.

10 Ask Questions! Employers ask: “Are there any questions you have for us?”. –When can I expect to hear back from you? –What are the typical hours/ time commitments of this job?

11 Getting to the Interview Allow LOTS of travel time –Being late doesn’t necessarily mean a poor result, but it rattles your nerves enough to throw you off for the rest of the interview. Map and practice –If the location is unfamiliar, print a map, and make a practice trip to see how long it will take.

12 Appropriate Dress Match the highest expected standards of office dress. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Avoid: –open-toed shoes –low-cut shirts –tight-fitting clothes –unnatural makeup –piercing/tattoos in obvious places –cologne –gaudy or large jewelry

13 The Moments Before… If waiting, try to find something to occupy yourself with. –Turn your cell phone OFF. –Check calendar. –Read periodicals or office materials. –Look engaged!

14 The Greeting Introductions- everyone in the room Business handshake

15 During the Interview Do your best. Be yourself. Have a conversation. Give as much information as possible. Show people just how great you are!

16 After the Interview Say thanks! –In person, as you leave –E-mail when you get home –Hand-written note of appreciation Follow up with employer.

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