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1 Principal Wellness Company Small Employer Wellness Solution.

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1 1 Principal Wellness Company Small Employer Wellness Solution

2 2 Costs Follow Risks Why Wellness? Why Now?

3 3 Potential Wellness Benefits Universal Value Health improvement Risk reduction Productivity Morale Positive culture Favored workplace

4 4 Value for Fully Insured Employers Universal Value More receptive employees Productivity – do more with less Health care costs Positive workplace culture – employees prefer to work there for reasons apart from compensation and benefits packages

5 5 Demand is growing Attention is on you Principal Wellness Company –Nearly 20 years –Parent company, Principal Financial Group, is committed to you With full suite of product options, have solutions to meet your needs Why Principal? Universal Value

6 6 A Incentive Plan Personal Improvement Population Improvement Outcomes Reporting Participation Tracking Communications Plan INDIVIDUAL ACTIVITIES Preventive Screening Health Coaching Wellness Assessment Seminars Challenges Campaigns Wellness Committees Local Events ORGANIZATIONAL ACTIVITIES Wellness Strategy

7 7 Wellness Solution Handbook –Program Overview –Wellness Strategy –Communications Plan –Effective Incentives –Creation of Culture of Wellness Wellness Packs –Sent Directly to Employer Each Month –Coordinator Newsletters –Participant Newsletters –Posters –Table Tents –Seminars-in-Print (quarterly) –Challenge Materials (quarterly) Transactional Wellness Solution Wellness Portal –Online Wellness Assessment –Participation Tracking System –Health Content Call-a-Coach –Unlimited calls to Health Coaches Online Resource Center –Promotional Materials –Articles for Company Newsletters –E-Mail Messages Discounts for Health Services Optional: At-Home Screening Kits Wellness Solution

8 8 “Why Wellness?” Wellness Strategy Overview Incentives Best Practice and Points Program Communications Timelines Creating a Culture of Wellness Wellness Committees and Champions Wellness Work Packs Preventive Screening Call-A-Coach Services Member Online Portal Employer Online Resource Center How to Order Additional Materials Wellness Solution Handbook 2010 Wellness Solution Handbook Wellness Solution

9 9 Wellness Packs Quarterly Challenge Tracking Forms Quarterly Seminars- in-Print Monthly Posters Monthly Table Tents Monthly Newsletters Monthly Coordinator Newsletter Wellness Solution

10 10 Wellness Portal Wellness Solution Bulletin board with activity information Personal profiles Online activities for Wellness Credits Wellness Assessment for Wellness Credits Health content

11 11 (Clink on link to open related page.) Health A-Z Drug Information Conditions Center Procedures A-Z Medical Dictionary Videos and Animations Health Calculators Men’s Health Women’s Health Kids’ and Teens’ Health Aging and Health HEALTH RESOURCES View this month’s seminar “The More You Know” and earn 2 Wellness Credits Click here to begin Announcements Get the most from your wellness portal Participate in wellness to earn lower premium Sign up to be a Wellness Champion Get ready for next month’s 5-A-Day Challenge View this month’s Impact Newsletter Health Info Learn more about pre-diabetes Understanding Body Mass Index Good cholesterol, bad cholesterol Why can’t I lose weight? Exercise: It’s a family thing How fruits and veggies help prevent cancer Resource Center My Info Wellness Assessment Program Overview Home My Credits Health Resources Welcome Bobbie August 16, 2010

12 12 Call-a-Coach Services Wellness Solution Toll-free number on Wellness Portal Health-related behaviors Staffed by wellness professionals Not a nurse or emergency line

13 13 Downloadable materials –Materials to encourage participation –Articles to use in company newsletters –Text for e-mail messages –Quarterly seminars –Team Captain forms Best practice guidelines Archived materials Links to external resources Employer Online Resource Center Online Resource Center Wellness Solution

14 14 Discounts for Health-Related Services Discounts Wellness Solution Money-saving opportunities Fitness clubs Weight Watchers ® online Hearing aids and hearing tests Dental products Laser vision correction Magazines

15 15 Optional: At-Home Preventive Screening Kits Optional: At-Home Screening Kits Wellness Solution Results are processed in 5-10 days Total Cholesterol HDL and LDL Triglycerides Glucose

16 16 Transactional Wellness Solution Wellness is Now Essentials for a comprehensive wellness program, at a low cost. Scalable product design – can benefit the majority, not just a few Online Resource Center for promotional and communication materials Personal home page

17 17 Pricing Wellness is Now Monthly Wellness Packs, Wellness Portal and Online Resource Center: (Wellness Pack in bundles of 10) 1 pack = $XXX per year 2 packs = $XXX per year Each additional pack: $XX per year Shipping: $6 per month, total Wellness Assessment report for 25+ participants: $XX.XX At-Home Screening Kits: $XX.XX All pricing subject to change.

18 18 GP59150 © 2010 Principal Financial Services, Inc. 08/2010 Principal Wellness does not diagnose or treat any medical condition or provide medical advice. Results obtained from program participation depend upon health status and how the information provided is applied. Consult with legal and tax advisors regarding any legal or tax implications of financial incentives, rewards, prizes, drawings and giveaways.

19 19 The following two slides are for BROKER USE ONLY.

20 20 Product Design Clients with 10-100 employees, up to 250 Comprehensive, turnkey low-cost Allows self-entry of biometric values in Wellness Assessment Wellness Portal with wellness program and incentive tracking Program materials promote year-long program Wellness Solution Handbook, Online Resource Center and Coordinator Newsletter Product and Service

21 21 Consultative sales process Worksite screenings At-home screening kits Health coaching Product and Service Additional Products and Services

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