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Infectious Diseases.

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1 Infectious Diseases

2 Infectious Disease Aka Communicable Diseases Caused by micro-organisms
Parasite – lives in/on and feeds on host

3 Pathogens Pathogens Bacteria Virus Fungi Micro-organisms
Enter the body Multiply Cause disease Bacteria Virus Fungi

4 Bacteria Single-cell micro-organisms Release toxins Examples
Food poisoning –bacteria in food Tetanus – bacteria on objects/soil Staph

5 Virus Smallest parasite Enter cells and take over Multiply
Cause colds/ flu HIV

6 Fungi Not all are harmful Some cause rashes
Mushroom/ yeast/ mold/ fungi Some cause rashes Ringworm & athlete’s foot

7 Spreading Infectious Disease
Physical contact w/ infected person Contact w/ contaminated object Environmental sources Contact w/ contaminated animals

8 Contaminated Animals Animal bites *Eating bad food*
Rabies/ Malaria/ Bird flu HIV/ AIDS

9 Contaminated Object Most infections die quickly when exposed to air
Some can live on objects Lice

10 Contact w/ Contaminated Person
Skin to skin contact Sneeze/ cough Cold/ STI/ flu/ chicken pox

11 Environmental Sources
Food/ water/ soil Lead poisoning/ food poisoning Fungi/ mold/ pathogens in water Old food left out Contaminated animals

12 Stages of Disease Exposure Incubation Period Prodromal Period
Acute Stage Recovery Stage Convalescence Immunity

13 Exposure & Incubation Exposure = contact
Incubation = growth/ maturation No signs/ symptoms Pathogen/ parasite grows and multiplies

14 Prodromal Stage Slight signs & symptoms Ex: achy/ sore/ tired

15 Acute Stage Severe symptoms Most contagious Most affected

16 Recovery Stage Signs/ symptoms begin to decrease
Temperature is reduced Feeling better

17 Covalescence Infection is gone Still not quite 100% Can relapse
Need rest, sleep, healthy diet, antibiotics

18 Immunity Feel 100% Body has antibodies Cannot catch same infection

19 Questions?

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