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Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test at PCSS

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1 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test at PCSS
Thursday March 26, 2015

2 The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)
The Literacy Test will take place this Thursday, March 26, 2015. Writing and passing the OSSLT is a requirement for graduation. All students who are in Grade 10 or those who are in their second year or higher must complete this test successfully.

3 Important Details Students must be here at the school by 8:15 a.m.
The test is about 3 hours long. The test is written in two sections or booklets (75 minutes each) You must fill out the questionnaire at the end of Answer Booklet 2 before you submit your booklets.

4 More Details Students with I.E.P.s and those who are E.L.L. who write this test, will have up to double time. Lists are posted in the foyer to show the room where you will be writing Please check the lists carefully!

5 On March Come prepared with pencils, pens, a ruler, and a highlighter. No electronics No access to lockers after the test The same format as an exam – coats, etc. at the side of the room

6 What types of tasks must I do?
Reading and Writing tasks are combined in both Question Booklets. In each Question Booklet, there will be one long writing task. All responses are to be written in the Answer Booklets. News Report Opinion Essay or Series of Paragraphs

7 The News Report About one page in length
Demonstrate writing skills from the viewpoint of a reporter – 4-5 paragraphs of 3-5 sentences Base your article on the photo and headline provided- Insert your Byline (Name and Paper) 1. 5 W’s (When, Where, Who, What, Why) 2. Background or further information 3/4. Quotations from witnesses or participants 5. Conclusion Worth 60 marks for content and 40 for conventions. 100 marks total

8 Series of Paragraphs Supporting an Opinion
Topics always relate to the lives of teenagers E.g. Do schools really prepare students for the world of work? Reword the question as to point of view Schools really do prepare students… Like a Lawyer, defend your opinion with three supporting arguments and then restate your thesis Expand on this defence in 3 body paragraphs Conclude with a summing up of your opinion and arguments (5, five sentence paragraphs in total) There are 60 marks allocated for content and 40 marks for conventions.

9 Short Writing Tasks How many? – Two Each will be about six lines
Demonstrate writing skills based on knowledge and personal experience E.g. What is your favourite time of year? My favourite time of year is… Then, explain why. Use connecting words to begin each point, i.e.: First, one reason, furthermore, in addition, finally, most importantly... (Fill in all 6 lines in the Answer Booklet) Worth 30 marks for content and 20 for conventions, 50 marks total

10 Tips for Written Responses
Use complete sentences, formal English, third person and no contractions, “you’s” or text language – REREAD & CHECK! Check grammar, spelling & punctuation For long tasks, Indent at the beginning of each paragraph or leave a space between each paragraph (5 paragraphs total) Write enough information to demonstrate your knowledge! Use all of the space allotted

11 Reading Tasks There are three types of reading tasks:
Graphic Text: maps, graphs, brochures, schedules, etc. (a blend of writing and pictures)

12 Reading Tasks Informational Text: magazines, newspapers, text books, etc. (a lengthy paragraph and a news report) Narrative Text: short stories, biographies, novels etc.(a dialogue and a real-life narrative)

13 Reading Tips First scan a passage and the questions, THEN reread while looking for answers Some questions will be about information that is clearly stated in the passage – find it Some questions require you to make inferences or draw conclusions. Think and search Some questions may ask you to make personal connections. Use your ideas!

14 Reading and Multiple Choice Tips
Always highlight the key words For multiple choice questions, try to think of the correct answer and then look for it Eliminate obviously wrong answers and then choose the best possible answer Circle the correct response in the booklet and fill in the correct choice in the Student Answer Booklet

15 Reading for the Main Idea and Summarizing
As you read the text, highlight the important words and ideas Identify the main idea and at least one supporting detail Write the summary starting with the Main Idea, then add details, in complete sentences in the space provided in the Answer Booklet.

16 Final Tips!! Make sure your writing and language is clear and acceptable for an adult audience Do not use “You” or contractions unless quoting a teenage witness, bystander or participant Read over your responses to make sure that you have worded your ideas correctly and filled in all the lines to the best of your ability When you have checked and rechecked your work, hand in your Question and Answer booklets.

17 Reminders Be at school early and make sure you are here. No sleeping in! You need to pass this test to graduate! Do your very best effort!

18 Best Wishes You are representing Port Credit on the Literacy Test, and we are proud of you! If you have questions, ask them now! We know you will do your very best! Good Luck! We are rooting for you!

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