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1 Preparing for the OSSLT. 2 WHAT IS THE OSSLT? The OSSLT is a provincial test of reading and writing. It is published by the Ministry of Education and.

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1 1 Preparing for the OSSLT

2 2 WHAT IS THE OSSLT? The OSSLT is a provincial test of reading and writing. It is published by the Ministry of Education and is a mandated test for all high school students in Ontario. The OSSLT is administered to all Grade 10 students in the province. The OSSLT is one of the most important tests students will write in their high school career. This is because a pass is required before a student can achieve their high school diploma.

3 3 WHEN DO WE WRITE THE OSSLT? Thursday, April 8, 2010 Bring Don’t Bring + Pencils - iPods + Pens- cell phones + A straight edge + A highlighter

4 4 Schedule Arrive well-rested, well-fed, and ready with writing materials. Proceed to the designated room. Your home room teacher will meet you there. 8:45 a.m – 8:50 a.m. Instructions. 8:50 a.m. – 10:05 a.m. Booklet #1 10:05 a.m.– 10:10 a.m.Break 10:10 a.m. – 11:25 a.m.Booklet #2

5 5 What does the test look like?  The test consists of two 75 minute sessions.  You will complete 1 booklet during the first session and a second booklet during the second session.  At the end of each session, the booklet will be sealed and collected.  You will have a 5 minute break between sessions.

6 6 READING -- Three types Informational Text  found in a variety of sources including - newspapers, magazines, non-fiction books  the purpose is to inform, educate, instruct, and entertain Literary Text  found in a variety of sources including – short stories, magazine articles, and poetry  the purpose is to instruct, enlighten, entertain, and to stimulate thought for the reader Graphical Text  found in a variety of sources including – maps, graphs, charts, schedules, drawings, and instructions

7 7 READING QUESTIONS Format:  multiple choice  open-response (short answer ) Types of Questions:  directly stated  inference (the act of reasoning, using factual knowledge or evidence)  connections (personal opinion, connections to experience)

8 8 WRITING QUESTIONS Multiple choice questions organization of ideas; sentence and paragraph structure; conventions Two short writing tasks six lines each based on your response to set prompts Two long writing tasks news report (1 page), supported opinion (2 pages)

9 9  Completion of the Practice test Tuesday February 16, 2010  Review the practice test results carefully.  Grade 10 homeroom teachers will be completing 4 review sessions during the months of February and March.  Workshops will be provided during March for students who would like additional assistance. How can I prepare for the OSSLT?

10 10 How can I prepare - Continued  Visit the EQAO home page to access sample questions and actual student responses: EQAO's Website EQAO's Website  Visit this site to obtain practice writing the OSSLT. Site provides questions and answers. Literacy Sample Test  Practice your ability to interpret news reports using CBS and CNN articles. Each module includes the full text of each story and interactive activities to test comprehension News Reports

11 11 How can I prepare - Continued  This site was designed by the Durham District School Board to promote student awareness and success on the OSSLT. OSSLT Practice.  This site was designed by Lynn Julien Schultz, Near North District School Bd. It also provides an exceptional review for students. OSSLT Review

12 12 Teacher Tips Here are some final reminders to keep in mind: 1. Work carefully and steadily. If you have time at the end of each section, review your work. For the writing pieces check for spelling and grammar errors. 2. Each section/booklet of the test will include one of the four writing tasks. Be sure to allow enough time for these tasks. 3. In the reading selections remember that spelling and grammar do not count. You may write point form answers but be sure you answer fully enough. Remember - aim to fill the space provided.

13 13 Teacher Tips Continued 4. For the multiple choice questions make sure your choice is clearly indicated. Choose only one answer. 5. If you do not know an answer, provide your best guess. Do not leave any question blank. 6. For the multi-paragraph opinion piece, write at least three paragraphs. It is best to use the five paragraph structure studied in class. Remember to use transitions. Also, remember that this is the ONLY writing piece which asks for your opinion.

14 14 Teacher Tips Continued 7. For the news story, use the lead paragraph and inverted triangle structure studied in class. The lead paragraph must answer who, what, where, when, and, if appropriate, why. Be sure to include comments from people involved or reliable witnesses. Remember that a good reporter stays completely out of the story. "The Star asked Mr. Smith..." 8. Spelling and grammar do count in the writing selections. Write carefully. 9.Read instructions carefully. Underline the key points to remember in the question. Use a highlighter or coloured pen. 10. Remember - in the past students have been unsuccessful on the test because they did not follow instructions.

15 15 OSSLT Advice (from students who survived the test)  “Read the question carefully…especially read the picture.”  “The practice questions DO help.”  “Don’t spend too much time on one question. If you are stuck, move onto the next one.”  “Go over ALL of the questions first, before starting to answer any of them.”  “If you have any extra time, check your work for spelling and grammar.”  “Start with the questions that look the easiest to you.”  “Bring a PEN and an extra one.”

16 16 OSSLT Advice - Continued  “READ.”  “Write your answers in the provided space, but don’t write more.”  “Brainstorm and plan before you start writing.”

17 17 OSSLT SUCCESS  Manage your time  Follow the instructions  Listen to the teacher in charge  Read each question carefully  Answer every question  Write to an adult audience  Allow time to check your work at the end

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