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The Literacy Test (OSSLT)

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1 The Literacy Test (OSSLT)
What you need to know

2 What is the Literacy Test?
The OSSLT is a provincial test of literacy (reading and writing) skills students have acquired by grade 10 The Grade 10 test is based on the reading and writing expectations in all subject areas up to the end of Grade 9. These skills are the basis for learning in all subject areas throughout both elementary and secondary school. Its successful completion is a requirement for graduation

3 Who writes the Literacy Test?
Grade 10 students Other students who are eligible to write

4 The Basics Test Date March 27, 2014 Test Materials Duration
2.5 hours of test time (The test is written in two 75 minute sessions with a break in between each session.) Results An Individual Student Report with your results will be mailed to you in June

5 What is on the test? Reading:
Students read FIVE different passages, covering a range of topics. They vary in length from a single paragraph to two pages. Selections include the following forms: Informational paragraph News report Dialogue Real-life narrative Graphic text

6 What is on the test? Reading cont’d:
Students answer comprehension questions to demonstrate they can: understand explicitly stated information and ideas understand indirectly stated information and ideas make personal connections to the text This section is made up of 10 short answer questions related to the readings and 48 multiple choice questions related to the readings.

7 What is on the test? Writing:
Students must complete several writing tasks including: two long writing samples A news report (1 page) A multi-paragraph opinion piece (2 pages) Two short writing tasks with a 6 line response A summary paragraph A short paragraph (Open Response Questions) 54 Multiple choice questions based on grammar, spelling, and reading and writing skills Student writing must demonstrate skill in: developing a main idea with sufficient supporting details organizing and connecting information and ideas using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling

8 Preparation How should students prepare?:
For the actual test day, get a good night's sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. You are already preparing by attending classes and completing assignments.  The test only evaluates skills that are part of the regular curriculum.  Read the materials on the EQAO website. Get into the Reading habit now. Read whenever you can, at least 15 minutes a day. Read all sorts of material such as the back of cereal boxes when you're eating breakfast.  Research proves that reading enhances literacy skills. Try the samples on the EQAO site. Click here!

9 Where do you write? Ketchum Hall

10 Who writes the OSSLT?: Students who entered Grade 9 last year.
Students who have not yet passed the test. Students who were absent or deferred for the OSSLT last year. Students who moved to Ontario and who are working toward an OSSD.

11 Consistency and Fairness:
The conditions of the test administration include a time limit as well as limited access to the test booklets. Students work on one booklet at a time and must place a security seal on each booklet as it is completed and handed in. There are two booklets with 1 hour and 15 minutes given for each booklet. It is important that students realize that there is one major Writing Task (news article based on a photograph and a supported opinion essay) in each booklet so it is important that students budget their time to leave 20 to 30 minutes for that Writing Task.

12 Common mistakes to avoid:
The biggest stumbling block to success is failure to read and follow the instructions carefully. If you are asked to write three paragraphs, do not write two, or one.  Write three paragraphs -- no more, no less.  If you are asked to look at a photograph and write a news report, do not write an opinion piece. Do what you are asked to do. Follow the instructions! The next most common mistake? ... failing to budget your time! Be sure to leave 20 to 30 minutes for that Writing Task that is in each booklet!  Buy or borrow a watch ... and use it. The supervisors are instructed to warn you when there are only 15 minutes remaining.

13 Punctuality and Attendance:
Students who are late will be permitted to write both test booklets. However the instructions will not be repeated and students will not be granted extra time to compensate for their late arrival. If students arrive after the break when Booklet One has been completed, they will be allowed to write Booklet Two only.

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