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OSSLT The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.

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1 OSSLT The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

2 What is the OSSLT? A provincial test of reading and writing skills A diploma requirement for graduation from high school

3 When is the Literacy Test? Thursday March 26, 2015 - Be here!! The test begins promptly at 9:30 a.m.

4 Where is the test? In classrooms throughout the school and the library Students, you will receive a letter detailing the modified schedule for the day, as well as the room number where you will write Check the lists posted outside the office for your name and test location if you forget If you have a question or problem, see Mrs. Simpson ASAP

5 Schedule/Structure 9:25 All students must be in their testing room 9:30 - 10:45 Booklet 1-75 minutes 10:45 – 11:00 Break -15 minutes 11:00 – 12:25Booklet 2 - 75 minutes & Questionnaire – 10 minutes 12:30Lunch followed by afternoon classes

6 Break Your break will take place just outside of the room where you are writing the OSSLT. Cookies, fruit and juice will be provided. You will begin writing Booklet 2 promptly after 15 minutes. Don't be late…announcements WILL NOT be made

7 Punctuality It is very important that you arrive on time as teachers will be reading a script with special instructions. They will only give the instructions once.

8 If you arrive late… You will be allowed to write Instructions will not be repeated No extra time will be given

9 If you arrive after 11:00... You will be allowed to write only the second test booklet of the day This will greatly reduce your chances of passing!

10 What to Bring Blue, black pens or HB pencils An eraser A highlighter

11 Your teacher is not allowed to provide any assistance to you Cannot re-word questions Cannot review your work or make suggestions Cannot inform you whether you are on the right track or not

12 Reading Selections Informational paragraph (225-250 words) News report (225-250 words) Real life narrative: an account of a significant time in an individual's life (about 600 words) Dialogue: conversation between two or more people (225-250 words)

13 Reading Selections Graphic (fewer than150 words): includes diagrams, photographs, drawings, patterns, schedules, maps, charts or tables

14 Reading Selections Types of Questions Multiple Choice-four options Open Response (about 6 lines of writing each) related to the ideas and information presented in the information paragraph, news report or dialogue reading

15 Writing Tasks Long Writing Tasks News report (one page) Series of paragraphs expressing an opinion (two pages) Short Writing Tasks (six lines each)

16 Writing Tasks Multiple Choice Questions Organization of ideas Main idea Sentence and paragraph structure Language conventions

17 Test Booklets: Question Booklets AND Answer Booklets All written answers must be recorded in the answer booklets in blue or black pen or pencil. Read all questions and do only what is asked. For example, if you are asked to write ONE paragraph, be sure that you write only ONE.

18 Test Booklets: Question Booklets AND Answer Booklets Use the rough notes space to jot ideas or plan your response, but write your response in the lined space in the ANSWER booklet…otherwise it will not be marked. Use the space provided for the answers – do not write more than is required. Do not write less.

19 Using the Answer Booklet for Writing Tasks Write the answers neatly. If the person scoring your test cannot read your work, they cannot reward you for your efforts. If you write offensive material, your work may not be marked and the Principal will be notified.

20 Using the Answer Booklet for Writing Tasks Write in full sentences and watch for spelling, grammar and punctuation. Instructions for reading and writing tasks are included in each booklet.

21 Student Answer Sheet-Multiple Choice Questions All multiple choice questions MUST be answered on the Answer Booklet for each Sheet, NOT IN THE TEST BOOKLETS.

22 Refer to your Handouts: Sample Assessment Booklets practice-test-booklet2-question.pdf

23 Cheating EQAO investigates tests with similar results If you are caught cheating your test will not count No cell phones/electronic devices at all!!! You will need to see an administrator You will need to do the test again next year

24 Don’t worry… Based on the reading and writing skills across all subject areas up to the end of grade 9

25 You’re Headed into the LIT BLITZ!! Practice Lessons -News Report -Informational Text and Summary -Graphical Text and Language Conventions -Opinion Writing Lunch Literacy Help Come to lunch sessions for help from March 23-25 th in room 321. Counting On You

26 Resources and More Practice See for The Getting Ready Guide and Sample Read!

27 More resources and practice! This PowerPoint will be posted to our school website The link to for The Getting Ready Guide and Sample Tests will be Please share this information with your parents

28 Review your work – check for spelling, grammar and punctuation. Check that you have answered all questions correctly, fully and to the best of your ability Sit quietly and wait for others to finish If you finish early…

29 After the Test In a few months, you will receive an Individual Report indicating whether or not you have passed the test Not successful- you will have the opportunity to write the test again next year Unsuccessful again - you may fulfill the OSSLT literacy requirement by successfully completing the OLC in grade 12

30 Do your very best… and good luck!

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