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Social Media & Search Engines Presentation by Xavier Buck 17.03.2011.

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1 Social Media & Search Engines Presentation by Xavier Buck 17.03.2011

2 How did/do Search Engines influence my businesses and how do I influence them.

3 Today we will cover Social Media – Stats & Trends – Key Players – Benefits, Risks & How to Drive Traffic to your Website – Search engines, PPC Ads, Organic Indexation SEO abc, Domain, Backlinks, – Affiliate – Social Media


5 The big three

6 Unique Visitors to social media sites Video on Facebook Stats


8 Social Media & Search Engines Presentation by Xavier Buck 17.03.2011



11 Twitter (max 140 characters messages)


13 Like Button on website


15 Business Benefits Cost effective web updates Greater control of your web content Boosted organic Google listings Cost reduction on printed materials Strengthens networked connections Collaborative knowledge sharing

16 What can it do? Greater access marketing materials Greater reach marketing materials Facilitates word of mouth sharing Enables viral sharing Increases repeat business

17 Should you & what are the Risks Not enough followers / friends harm your brand Globalisation of information moving faster than you can. Uncontrolled and inappropriate pro-active posts (Chose your advocates carefully) Inefficient reactive posts Inability to identify and react to key stakeholders

18 Where to start? Listen -Google Alerts -Tweetdeck - RSS

19 - Create a process - Follow through


21 Drive Traffic to your site…

22 Traffic


24 Paid Search “PPC” Top and Right Pay Per Click the fastest, most measurable way to drive traffic to your website

25 Paid Search “PPC” focus on conversions

26 Search Engine Optimization “SEO” 72% of People prefer to click on the ‘free’ or ‘natural’ search results

27 The ABC’s of SEO

28 A = Architecture Clean code, internal links, add a ‘site map’

29 B = Backlinks 60,352 Links TO the site Ron Jackson

30 Lists = great ‘Link Bait’ a reason for people to link to your site

31 C = Content Keyword Research Google, Word Tracker or Keyword Discovery

32 Search Engine Optimize pages on your site. Add Keyword Phrases to First Paragraph, Middle and End

33 Add Meta Tags: Title, Description, H1, Alt Tag (‘view source’ reveals code)

34 Measures Search Success Terms listed on the first 2 pages of Google

35 SEO “Affiliate Marketing” affiliates send traffic to your site as a virtual sales force

36 Amazon ‘affiliate’ code

37 “Affiliate” Marketing Solutions

38 SEO Banner Advertising and eMail

39 Banner Advertising (Test this through Google AdSense)

40 eMail Marketing is a huge success

41 SEO Social Media

42 Facebook ‘Fan Pages’ business profiles. Also come up in Google search results.

43 Protect your Facebook ‘Domains’ Dolphin Encounters fan page is at

44 Facebook Advertising

45 It is simple to set up Facebook Advertising

46 Target by demographics and ‘likes’. Go from 500 Million to precise target

47 .043%.039%.021% Test different ads

48 has sold millions of dollars of refurbished computer goods

49 YouTube is the #3 Website and #2 Search Engine! Blendtec has had 100 Million video views!

50’s Tim Carter has used YouTube search results to drive traffic!

51 Build it, by thinking in Keyword Domain Name Content Backlinks Drive traffic (Search, Affiliate, Social) Create a ‘relationship’ RSS, Social Media, Facebook Likes Conclusion on How to Benefit from Search Engines and Social Media

52 Tip: Domain Name & Backlinks Keyword Domain Name (analyze what people search for and get the domain) Backlink Structure (use your industry keywords in Backlinks) Tip: Tools Find out how people search! See if domain available (primary or secondary market) Check your international Google ranking via http://SEMRUSH.com Tip: Books Rework (author: Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson) Marketing in the Age of Google (Vanessa Fox)

53 “ Don't add technology to the way you do things; Change the way you do things when you see what the technology can do. ” Thank you Presentation available under: Xavier Buck

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