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The Rising Seas… A tale of the deep blue.

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1 The Rising Seas… A tale of the deep blue.
By: Mike Crewe

2 Sea Levels Terminology Melting Ice Global Warming The Moon
How Much is it Really Rising? Effects on Land Future Damage What we can do.

3 Jargon Ice Age – Period of time where large scale Ice sheets exist in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere Glacier – Big, slow moving, mass of Ice. Ice Sheet – Large amount of Glacier Ice (>20,000 miles²) Ice Shelf – Glacier/Ice sheet that flows into the water Sea Ice – Frozen ocean water Albedo – an objects ability to diffusely reflect light King Tide/Spring Tide – Very high tide Neap Tide – Very low tide


5 Melting Ice Vast majority of freshwater locked away in Ice Sheets and Glaciers - Antarctica’s Ice sheets alone contain enough water to raise the sea level 57 meters. Sea Ice doesn’t raise the sea level North Pole – Ice surrounded by land Antarctica – Land Surrounded by ice - More Ice keeps breaking off and melting, less than is precipitated onto the mainland

6 http://www. greendiary

7 Ekstroem Ice Shelf

8 http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Image:Glacier-ice_shelf_interactions

9 Hot things expand? Its true!
Thermal Expansion – As objects absorb heat, they expand Water Temp (° C) Percent Volume Increase by 1° C Temp Change. 10 .0088% 20 .0207% 40 .0385% Water is most dense at 4° C There’s approximately 50,000,000 cubes km of water in the surface layer of the ocean If 1 Liter of 20° C was heated 1° C, its volume would increase by .21 mm Translate that to the whole ocean

10 Tides Caused by the Moon (and Sun) Raise and lower water levels
Spring Tide/Neap Tides combined with raises in sea levels = dangerous Floods/Draughts land

11 Bay of Fundy

12 Why’s that happen?

13 Raise per Year Ocean rise changes depending on where you are
Average about 1.8mm per year Can change based on a number of factors Estimated to reach values of mm or rise over the next century (only the latter by substantial glacier melt)


15 Damage to land Tuvalu and London In the same sinking boat.

16 Look Familiar?

17 Summary Glaciers be meltin, yo
Thermal expansion of water is the leading cause of the sea rise currently Tides can amplify the effects of raised sea levels Where would all the people displaced by ruined land and homes go? Go green!

18 Works Cited Flannery, T. (2005). The Weather Makers: How We Are Changing the Climate and What it Means for Life on Earth. Canada: HarperCollins. Nov. 2008 Nov. 2008 Nov. 2008 Nov. 2008 Nov. 2008 Nov. 2008 Williams, N New fears on sea-level rise. Current Biology, Vol. 17, Issues 15, R572.

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