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Alex Radway Policy Advisor Process Industries Regulation.

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1 Alex Radway Policy Advisor Process Industries Regulation


3 Environment Agency for England and Wales

4 Environment Agency - what we do Flood defence Water resources Fisheries, Recreation and Navigation River water quality Waste Radioactive materials Environmental regulation of large industry

5 Environmental regulation of industry Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) –1990, UK Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) –1996, Europe

6 Industries covered Energy Metals Minerals Chemicals Waste Other

7 Best Available Techniques (BAT) most effective and advanced techniques not just technology prevent, then control cost / benefit balance ‘environment as a whole’ * basis for emission limits published guidance constantly evolving

8 Environment as a whole Energy Raw materials Odour Air emissions Heat Noise Vibration Waste Contaminated land Water / sewer discharges

9 Measures of environmental impact Air –Environmental Quality Standards –Air Quality Strategy Water –Environmental Quality Standards –Direct Toxicity Assessment Land –Contamination reports

10 Permits to operate “Prior approval” Operational conditions Implicit use of BAT Emission limits based on BAT Operator monitoring and returns Breach notification Improvement programme Permit review Charges on Operator

11 Permit enforcement Regular inspection Notices –Enforcement –Prohibition Prosecution –fines –jail sentences

12 Consultation on application Organisations with responsibility for: –Health & Safety –Local communities –Food standards –Nature conservation –Human health –Fisheries

13 Public involvement Advertisement of application Public registers of information – held at local offices – application, permit, monitoring etc. Pollution Inventory Web-site Engagement with environmental groups


15 Sulphur dioxide emissions to air

16 Benefits to the environment Improved river water quality Better local & regional air quality ….. but continuing land contamination

17 Benefits to operators better understanding of processes more knowledgeable about emissions aware of effects of emissions more questioning of existing practices improved better environmental performance more aware of public interest & concern

18 Legislative burden Sources: World European National Regional Target: New regime Industry Substance

19 Proportionate controls Small operations with no emissions Range of permit conditions Priority pollutants Focus on main pollutant sources Complementary tools

20 Risk-based regulation Confidence in operator: –Operator and Pollution Risk Appraisal (OPRA) –Environmental Management Systems –monitoring systems (OMA & MCERTS)  reduced inspection frequency & charging

21 Consequences Climate change Rising sea levels Winter storms more severe Widespread floods

22 Environment Agency vision “to put the environment at the heart of industry's thinking”

23 Where to find out more UK:

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