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The Environment Agency Alasdair McKellar – PPC/COMAH Regulatory Officer.

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1 The Environment Agency Alasdair McKellar – PPC/COMAH Regulatory Officer

2 The Environment Agency  Who we are  What we do  Permitting  Compliance

3 The Environment Agency – Who we are  Formed in 1996  The Environment Act 1995  National Rivers Authority  Waste Regulation Authorities  Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Pollution

4 The Environment Agency – What we do  Helping the people get the most out of their environment, including boaters and anglers.  Restoring rivers and lakes.  Looking after wildlife

5 The Environment Agency – What we do  Protecting people from flood  Using Floodline  Advice and help on what to do in the event of a flood  Flood defences built in key areas  Flood mapping

6 The Environment Agency – What we do  Working with industry to protect the environment and human health  Taking action against those who don't take their environmental responsibilities seriously  Influencing and working with Government, industry and local authorities  Consult on relevant planning applications

7 The Environment Agency - Permitting  Covanta will need to apply for an Environmental Permit  Covered by the requirements of the Waste Incineration Directive  Body of permit is made up of conditions agreed nationally for all sites  appendices containing site specifics

8 The Environment Agency - Permitting We will only grant a permit if:  the applicant has demonstrated that the proposed facility meets the requirements of the Environmental Permitting Regulations and uses Best Available Techniques in its design and operation;  the proposed design, construction and operational standards for individual EfW plants meet or exceed stringent controls;  we have consulted members of the local community, the local authority and the health authority for their views on the potential effect on the environment and public health.

9 The Environment Agency - Permitting  relevant to permitting;  concerns about potential effects caused by, and from within the boundary of, the installation  local information not apparent to the applicant  not relevant to permitting;  comments on the fixed conditions  comments on activities that occur outside installation boundary

10 The Environment Agency - Permitting  consultation via local paper and on our website  on the initial application and on draft permit  from initial application to final issue approximately 6 - 8 months

11 The Environment Agency – Compliance  Environmental Permitting Regulations  Regulate industrial sites as identified in Schedule 1 Part 2 of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2007  Powers under the Environment Act 1995 to enter property, stop processes/operations and seize evidence  National Sector Groups and technical support

12 The Environment Agency – Compliance  We have the following sectors  Food and Drink  Landfill  Combustion  Incineration  Chemical  Metal  Mineral


14 The Environment Agency – Compliance  Carry out periodic inspections based on risk  Assess submissions from operators  Be a source of advice  Ensure compliance with permits and take appropriate actions when breaches occur

15 The Environment Agency – Compliance  Look to set up ongoing Liaison Group if the site is constructed and permitted  Made up of Environment Agency, Local Councillors, the Operator, County Council Representatives and Local Residents  Raise issues of concern, feedback on relevant issues and ensure there is a dialogue between interested parties

16 further information is available on our website Any Questions?

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