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Manageware For Documentum ESI SOFTWARE 2006

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2 Manageware For Documentum ESI SOFTWARE 2006

3 Agenda Who is ESI Software Management Methodology Problem and Solution ManageWare Architecture What is monitored Supported Platforms

4 Who we are… 1999/USA Enterprise Management Business Service Management/ITIL ECM /EDM Strategic Relationships

5 STAGES OF MANAGING YOUR ENVIRONMENT Multiple unconsolidated help desks; user calls notify status; and non existent IS operations (operations are the responsibility of those deploying the IT asset) Basic event up/down console management; trouble ticketing; basic backup and recovery, inventory and basic topology Performance, change, problem, and configuration management, automation, job scheduling, and availability management Capacity planning and service level management IT and business metric linkage; use of management and business application data to improve the business process; and enhanced cost recovery 80-85% of customers are right here

6 ESI Management Methodology SLA Capacity Planning Performance Tuning Notification/ Automated Recovery Monitoring/ Establish Baseline


8 Manageware for unix

9 Notification/ Automated Recovery Warnings Alarms Customizable Thresholds E-Mail Pages Automatic Recovery

10 Capacity Planning Performance Tuning

11 SLA Compliance

12 ManageWare Architecture DCTM KM Database KM OS KM Agent DCTM Server

13 Monitoring Documentum DatabasesVerify availability of all DBMS instances (Oracle only) ProcessesVerify that the required processes are up and collects metrics DocbasesVerify the availability of the Docbases and collect metrics JobsTrack number of completed, failed, and aborted jobs per Docbase File StoreTrack file system capacity for the file stores PerformanceVerify performance of each Docbase to remote 32-bit clients (a means of measuring end-to-end response, from Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft Windows 2000 clients only) UsersTrack aspects of configured, active and problem users

14 eContent Server Monitoring Content Repository (Docbase) eContent Server Content Repository (Docbase) Content Repository (Docbase) Content Repository (Docbase) eContent Server eContent Server MW for Documentum can connect to a single DocBroker per eContent Server host Performance clients for end-to-end response monitoring can connect from a remote machine to a single e-content Server host, and perform operations against all of the Docbases known to the DocBroker on that host. MW for Documentum resides in the eContent server and communicates with the DocBroker as well as all of the Docbases known to the DocBroker. MW for Documentum MW for Documentum MW for Documentum

15 Monitoring Documentum Covers all key areas of the Documentum environment

16 Monitoring Documentum – end to end response eContent Server Docbase Native Client Application Document Operation Response.. Docbase... (for each Docbase) Clients run on remote machines, which: Are running the Documentum client Are configured to point to the eContent Server Have a PATROL Agent Have PATROL for Documentum installed (Client portion) Host either Windows NT or 2000

17 Validates performance issues by providing response time for critical user functions ….. Manageware for Documentum

18 Provides response time measurements for critical end-user tasks.

19 Monitor User Activity… Manageware for Documentum

20 Peek into your RDBMS with the same monitoring tool as you use for Documentum… Manageware for Documentum

21 Finally get a handle on Job management – monitor completed, failed and aborted jobs… Manageware for Documentum

22 Supported Platforms Application Econtent server 4.1 + Databases Supported IBM DB2 Microsoft SQL Server Oracle Sybase Desktops Supported Microsoft Windows Platforms Supported AIX HP-UX Solaris Windows Server

23 Professional Services Implementation Training Support Custom Development

24 Why ESI Software U.S. Presence Experts in Enterprise Management Solutions Commercial Software Developers – Not script writers Non Subscription Based (No Security Issues) Scaleable to the Enterprise

25 Hourly Cost of Unplanned outages Outage costs - Financial Avg Loan = $100,000 Avg Loan process per hour = 5 Avg SA hourly wage = $24.00 Avg FileNet hourly wage = $24.00 Avg DBA Salary = $ 28.00 Do the math, over $500,000 loss per hour that ECM is down. Outage costs - Ebusiness Avg Web Hot per hour = 250,000 Avg Web Buyer % = 2 Avg Dollar Size = $50.00 Do the math, over $250,000 loss per hour that ECM is down.

26 BENEFITS OF MANAGEWARE Increases customer retention rates and employee utilization of service Reduces down time, increases reliability and performance Provides the ability to manage to the expectations of the end user Ensures IT supports the needs defined by business owners Lowers the cost of IT administration by automating critical but routine functions Simplify Complexity – single view of entire Documentum environment

27 Things we can help with Manager Webinar (Manager Support, ROI) Custom Webinar (Technical) More Documentation (Parameter Summary) Proof of Concept – (on-site) Product demonstrations via webex

28 ManageWare for Documentum Thank You! (719) 955-0712

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