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2 CONTENT Basically this presentation contains, What is TripWire?
How does TripWire work? Where is TripWire used? Tripwire for network devices. Tripwire for servers How do you install and use TripWire? What is the benefit of TripWire? What are the chances of TripWire? Final word on TripWire.

3 What is TripWire? Reliable intrusion detection system.
Tool that checks to see what changes have been made in your system. Pinpoints, notifies, determines the nature, and provides information on the changes on how to manage the change. Mainly monitors the key attributes(like binary signature, size and other related data) of your files. Changes are compared to a snapshot of the established good baseline. Security is compromised, if there is no control over the various operations taking place. Security not only means protecting your system against various attacks but also means taking quick and decisive actions when your system is attacked.

4 How does TripWire work?

5 First, a baseline database is created storing the original attributes like binary values in registry. If the host computer is intruded, the intruder changes these values to go undetected. The TripWire software constantly checks the system logs to check if any unauthorized changes were made. If so, then it reports to the user. User can then undo those changes to revert the system back to the original state.

6 Where is TripWire used? Tripwire for Servers(TS) is software used by servers. Can be installed on any server that needs to be monitored for any changes. Typical servers include mail servers, web servers, firewalls, transaction server, development server. It is also used for Host Based Intrusion Detection System(HIDS) and also for Network Intrusion Detection System(NIDS). It is used for network devices like routers, switches, firewall, etc. If any of these devices are tampered with, it can lead to huge losses for the Organization that supports the network.

7 Laser TripWire With these Laser Trip Wires you can set up an invisible perimeter to alert your of any unwanted invasions of your “space”. The devices don’t actually use real laser beams (hence the spelling ‘laser’), but use infrared beams to create an invisible trip wire that sets off an alarm when anyone crosses it. The kit comes with three devices, one main and two secondary units that each send and detect a beam.

Tripwire for network devices maintains a log of all significant actions including adding and deleting nodes, rules, tasks and user accounts. Automatic notification of changes to your routers, switches and firewalls. Automatic restoration of critical network devices. Heterogeneous support for today’s most commonly used network devices.

9 Tripwire for servers For the tripwire for server’s software to work two important things should be present –the policy file and the database. The Tripwire for server’s software conducts subsequent file checks automatically comparing the state of system with the baseline database. Any inconsistencies are reported to the Tripwire manger and to the host system log file. Reports can also be ed to an administrator.

10 There are two types of Tripwire Manager
Active Tripwire Manager Passive Tripwire Manager This active Tripwire Manager gives a user the ability to update the database, schedule integrity checks, update and distribute policy and configuration files and view integrity reports. The passive mode only allows to view the status of the machines and integrity reports.

11 How do you install and use TripWire?
Install Tripwire and customize the policy file. Initialize the Tripwire database. Run a Tripwire integrity check. Examine the Tripwire report file. Take appropriate security measures. Update the Tripwire database file. Update the Tripwire policy file. How do you install and use TripWire?

12 What is the benefit of TripWire?
Increase security Immediately detects and pinpoints unauthorized change. Instill Accountability Tripwire identifies and reports the sources of change. Gain Visibility Tripwire software provides a centralized view of changes across the enterprise infrastructure and supports multiple devices from multiple vendors. Ensure Availability Tripwire software reduces troubleshooting time, enabling rapid discovery and recovery. Enables the fastest possible restoration back to a desired, good state.

13 What are the chances of TripWire?
The main attractive feature of this system is that the software generates a report about which file has been violated, when the file has been violated and also what information in the files have been changed. If properly used it also helps to detect who made the changes. Proper implementation of the system must be done with a full time manager and crisis management department.

14 DRAWBACKS Ineffective when applied to frequently changing files.
higher learning curve to install, edit, and maintain the software Cost Effective

15 APPLICATIONS Tripwire for Servers(used as software).
Tripwire for Host Based Intrusion Detection System(HIDS) and also for Network Based Intrusion Detection System (NIDS). Tripwire for Network Devices like Routers, Switches etc.

16 Where did I get this Information?
(Search for Tripwire)



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