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The Business Value of CA Solutions Ovidiu VALEANU Senior Consultant DNA Software – CA Regional Representative.

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1 The Business Value of CA Solutions Ovidiu VALEANU Senior Consultant DNA Software – CA Regional Representative

2 3 major solutions based on: Complementary IT Perspectives; Integrated to exploit dependencies; and Open to other NSM providers. Unicenter Management On Demand



5 IT Resource Management Self manage IT resources across the entire lifecycle: Plan, Acquire, Deploy, Maintain, Retire Provide business relevant services Financial analysis—total cost of ownership Manage contracts, vendor relationships and software licenses Inventory and track assets Deploy and maintain software


7 Operations Management Day-to-day IT operations management Availability and performance Superior support across all operating systems, platforms, applications. Discover and associate applications, networks, systems with the business processes they support Make decisions about IT based on the impact to the business


9 Service Management Provide IT as a service to the business Create new services Provide access to existing services Monitor SLA compliance Effective problem resolution Distribute upgrades and fixes Ensure those services are delivered in a way that meets business requirements

10 Unicenter ServicePlus 6.0

11 ServicePlus Knowledge Tools Share knowledge Single repository Multiple search paradigms Improve consistency and accuracy Personalize knowledge

12 ServicePlus Collaboration Tools Manage real-time interactions Totally integrated Offer alternative communication channels Automate email interactions

13 Predictive Tools Proactive rather than reactive Improve service levels Enhanced resource planning Fewer surprises

14 New: Mobilize Your Service Desk Wireless device interface “Out of the box” Mobile Service Desk

15 Optimizing and self-managing networks and systems Business perspective Root-cause analysis and policy based event notifications Automatic recovery Delivering IT as a Service Business-relevant views Portal, BPV, and administrator console Extended enterprise Providing a Service-Oriented Architecture Role-based management views Built-in integration with 3 rd party vendors Wizards and templates for easy configuration Unicenter NSM Management On-Demand

16 Unicenter Advanced Network Operations Discovery and management of multi- protocol networks provides flexibility Advanced fault management and recovery optimizes network availability Complex networks can be visualized from a business perspective


18 Unicenter NSM Advanced fault management and recovery Root cause analysis Visualization of complex systems from a business perspective Remote monitoring for easy deployment

19 Business Centric View

20 Unicenter NSM Application Response Option Manages Application Response from an End-user Perspective Helps isolate actual bottleneck faster using intelligence at the user, server and network levels Flexibility by incorporating custom applications easily with wizards Actual, not synthetic transactions provide most precise measurement


22 Unicenter Management Portal Provides Intelligent, Secure and Personalized Visualization of Unicenter Information Direct integration provides consolidated view of infrastructure management with event console, Business Process Views™ & other Unicenter solutions Role-based management provides default views and commands defined by user responsibilities


24 Thank You

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