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CalWORKs Education That Works! California Community Colleges ONLINE ORIENTATION.

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1 CalWORKs Education That Works! California Community Colleges ONLINE ORIENTATION

2 Welcome! Welcome to the Coastline College CalWORKs Program. We have dedicated staff and counselors who want to assist you in getting the guidance and resources needed to meet your educational/career goal. Enjoy your educational experience at Coastline College and we look forward to helping you through this experience.

3 Who Does the CalWORKs Program Serve? The Program provides specialized support services for economically disadvantaged parents who are receiving CalWORKs TANF/GAIN benefits

4 CalWORKs Program Office Location: Coastline Community College Fourth Floor 11460 Warner Avenue Fountain Valley, CA 92708 Phone: 714-546-7600 x16587 Fax: 714-431-3603

5 Purpose This online orientation was created to guide students through the basic information and guidelines regarding the CalWORKs program and general Coastline College information, rules and regulations

6 CalWORKs Orientation Topics Program Requirements Program Guidelines Required Forms General College Information Rules and Regulations

7 Eligibility/Criteria 1.Prospective CalWORKs students must be receiving cash aid benefits (welfare) for themselves and at least one eligible dependent child through social services. 2.Student must bring in current welfare verification as of the month he/she enters the Coastline College CalWORKs Program * If children are only receiving cash aid, the student will not qualify for the program Note: SSI, Disability, Workman’s Comp, Food Stamps and Medi-Cal are NOT considered cash aid.

8 CalWORKs Services Intake Counseling Individualized Academic, Career and Personal Counseling Advocacy on students behalf with county case workers Provide information regarding special programs on campus such as: Financial Aid, EOPS/CARE, Disabled Student Programs and Services etc. Career Assessment Transportation – Gas vouchers/bus passes School supplies Referrals to Outside Resources/Programs as necessary

9 Child Care All CalWORKs students/participants in need of child care must begin the application process for County child care assistance with their case worker/social worker as soon as possible

10 Program Planning Sessions Each semester students must attend a program planning session with a CalWORKs counselor. The Sessions are designed to assist students to stay on track to accomplish their educational/career goals. During the planning session the student and counselor will complete an Educational Plan outlining the courses they will be taking for that current semester.

11 Benefits of Completing an Educational Plan with a CalWORKs Counselor Assists students to meet the educational criteria necessary to maintain their CalWORKs program eligibility. Students who attend a program planning session prior to the beginning of the semester will receive CalWORKs priority registration To maintain priority Registration all CalWORKs students must have: Completed English and Math assessments Completed online orientation have an Educational Plan on file Be in good academic standing

12 Supporting Documentation for Attendance Progress Reports Student must print and submit a current copy of his/her web schedule bill as of the date he/she is submitting the attendance. CalWORKs staff will verify that the students current web schedule bill matches his/her Educational Plan. If the documents do not match, the student must meet with the CalWORKs program counselor to update and approve his/her Educational Plan. The report is forwarded to appropriate counselor/staff for completion and then faxed or emailed to the students case worker. The original document is kept in the students file.

13 General College Information Placement Testing All students who plan to attend Math and English classes must take an assessment test before they can register for these courses CalWORKs students must have assessments completed to participate in CalWORKs priority registration To find out how to schedule an assessment appointment, please click on the link below: ___________________________________

14 Additional Campus Resources EOPS/CARE Financial Aid DSPS Transfer Center Career Center Learning Resource Center Student Activities

15 Student Policies & Regulations Students must follow all Coastline College policies, guidelines and code of conduct as outlined in the college catalog while attending courses at Coastline College. Students also have the right to address concerns that may arise on campus. For more information, click on the link below and go to pages (133-142) Policies and Regulations ________________________________________

16 Checklist Student must make an appointment to see a CalWORKs counselor to complete a counseling appointment. Student must submit an admissions application to Coastline College which can be completed online at the following link: _____________________________________________ Student must also take a Math & English placement tests Students must bring in transcripts from any other colleges/universities attended Student must complete this CalWORKs Online Orientation prior to his/her counseling appointment Student must bring in current welfare verification

17 We hope this orientation has helped you in preparing to become a CalWORKs student at Coastline College

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