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Student Services Introduction

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1 Student Services Introduction
At Lassen Community college our goal is to help you reach your academic objectives so you can eventually fulfill your career and life goals. We offer a variety of first-rate academic programs taught by highly qualified instructors to help you achieve these goals. However, sometimes students need more than that in order to be successful. That’s why LCC offers a variety of support services to give students what they need to achieve their long-term goals. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the support services in the following segment. They won’t all apply to you. But the ones that do may just prove to be invaluable during your time at LCC.

2 Student Services Admissions and Records
Welcome and thank you for choosing Lassen Community College. The Admissions & Records office is here to help you get on the right track and help you stay there. We not only process student applications for admission, but also assist students to register for classes, pay student fees, and retrieve transcripts. LCC has an “open door” policy and welcomes all applicants who have a high school diploma, a GED certificate, or who are 18 years old and can benefit from a program. High school students interested in dual enrollment must get the approval of their high school principal. If you have any questions regarding admission or enrollment, please contact us.

3 Student Services CalWORKs
We understand that students who receive Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF) may experience a number of challenges in becoming self sufficient. The LCC CalWORKs program serves Lassen County's welfare to work clients with their academic goals, finding meaningful employment, and successfully transition into the world of work. Students who participate in the program receive a number of services, including, child care referrals, work experience, on the job training, academic counseling, and referrals to other campus services. To learn more about LCC CalWORKs please stop by our office.

4 Student Services Child Development Center
LCC Child Development Center…..where kids go to college. At the center we strive to provide affordable childcare for children of students who attend LCC. We provide programs designed to give your child the foundation needed to achieve in school and in life. We are licensed for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age and give LCC students first priority. For more information, or to enroll your child, please contact us.

5 Student Services Cooperative Work Experience
One of the key ingredients in figuring out if a job or field is right for you is to get some work experience. The Cooperative Work Experience is an academic program where students build work skills through learning and setting/achieving goals in their work place. It’s also a great opportunity to network and make contacts with professionals in the industry. Cooperative Work Experience course students earn transferable credit with a letter grade. To learn more about the Cooperative Work Experience please stop by our office.

6 Student Services Counseling Office
Counseling Office provide services to help you define and achieve your academic and career goals. In addition to providing career assistance and information regarding transferring to a four year university, they also offer: Academic Counseling Counselors are available to assist you in interpreting assessment results, selecting courses, creating an educational plan, discussing educational concerns, and providing guidance toward student academic goals. Personal Counseling Confidential personal counseling is available to help you with your personal concerns that are affecting your academic success. Services include short-term individual counseling, crisis consultation, and referral to local social and counseling resources. Please stop by the Counseling Office to schedule an appointment.

7 Student Services Disability Student Programs & Services (DSPS)
Disability Student Programs & Services (DSPS) program provides academic and support services to students with disabilities so that they can have full and equal access to the community college experience. Among the services includes psycho-educational diagnostic testing, counseling, and registration assistance. High Tech Center The High Tech Center is a computer lab designed to serve students with various disabilities and special needs. The computers are equipped with special software that assist students with their learning and college course work. If you think you can benefit from DSPS services, please contact the DSPS Office or the Learning Disabilities Program.

8 Student Services Extended Opportunity Programs & Services
Extended Opportunity Program & Services (EOP&S) is a California-funded student support program aimed at providing “above and beyond” services to students who face economic, academic, language, and social barriers. EOPS strives to create an environment that fosters successful completion of educational objectives and goals, including obtaining job skills, occupational certificates, or associates degrees, and transferring to four year institutions. Students who are eligible for EOP&S may receive academic counseling, book lending and book grants, priority registration, and fee waivers for CSU and UC applications. To learn if you are eligible for EOP&S and its benefits, please stop by the EOP&S/CARE office.

9 Student Services Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education
Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) program is a student support program focused on providing financial, educational and emotional assistance and support to re-entry students who are CalWORKs/TANF eligible, single head of household, and attending LCC. CARE also provides off-campus childcare reimbursement for infants and children who are under the 14 years. CARE Student Support Group meetings are held monthly to discuss issues and concerns of the re-entry student. To learn more about the CARE program and their eligibility requirements, stop by the EOP&S/CARE office today.

10 Student Services Independent Living Program/Kinship Care
The LCC Kinship Care Education is to provide needed training and support for Kinship Care Providers in the Lassen Community College District. Kinship providers who are caring for relatives (siblings, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, etc.) are presented with unique challenges. The Lassen Community College Kinship Care Education program recognizes these challenges and strives to support the providers by offering free educational training workshops, providing high quality resource materials, and much needed support. To learn more about Lassen Community College Kinship Care Education Program call or drop by our office.

11 Student Services Learning/Tutoring Center
Need a little extra help with your studies? The Learning/Tutoring Center offers free tutoring and has a computer lab open to all students. As a student you can use the computers to conduct research on the internet, work on papers or course projects, or use one of the educational programs to develop specific skills. The Learning/Tutoring Center is also a great place for students who want to: find a place to study in small groups do homework in a relaxed setting work with a tutor in a supportive atmosphere We welcome all students to the Learning/Tutoring Center and look forward to seeing you!

12 Student Services Library
Got books? The Lassen Community College Library has books and so much more! We also have an online catalog, reference databases, and a friendly library staff to assist you with library resources. Computers are available for course-related Internet access and a self-service coin-operated copier is available for student use as well. For quiet study space the library is a great option. Please come visit us when you are on campus. We look forward to seeing you.

13 Student Services Transfer Center
The goal of the Transfer Center is to help students transition from Lassen Community College to a four year university. The Transfer Center sponsor s a number of transfer events from hosting four-year college representatives , field trips to four year universities, and workshops throughout the year. If you are planning to transfer to a four year university anytime in the future please make sure to stop by the Transfer Center for assistance.

14 Student Services Conclusion
So how did it go? Now that we’ve introduced you to some resources and programs on campus we hope you take advantage of them! We are all here to help make your experience at LCC a smooth and successful one! Good luck and the student services staff looks forward to seeing you on campus! Now that you have completed the Student Services section, please exit out of this screen to complete the remaining portions of the online orientation. Please note that you will be quizzed on all material covered in each online orientation section.

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