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E ducational O pportunity P rogram “A Community of Support” S A C R A M E N T O S T A T E EOP ADMISSION INFORMATION AND SERVICES 2013 - 2014.

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1 E ducational O pportunity P rogram “A Community of Support” S A C R A M E N T O S T A T E EOP ADMISSION INFORMATION AND SERVICES 2013 - 2014

2 E ducational O pportunity P rogram The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is one of the primary vehicles for the CSU to increase the access, and academic success and retention of first-generation, educationally and economically disadvantaged students. EOP strives to provide the educational resources to help students realize their potential from the students freshmen year to graduation. History and Goals of EOP

3 EOP Grant: Grant is awarded based on family income, unit enrollment and state budget allocations. Summer Bridge Academy: Mandatory for all entering EOP freshmen, begins first week of July and continues for 6 weeks. Learning Communities: Class grouping by major and interest. Personal/Academic Counseling: Professional staff available to guide and help students reach their goals. Tutoring: English/math and other selected subjects. Career Counseling: Assessment and career exploration guidance. EOP Computer Lab EOP Peer Advising EOP Services

4 EOP Summer Bridge Academy

5 EOP Summer Bridge Academy The Summer Bridge Academy is a fun filled academic program designed to help ease the transition from high school to college. Participants are placed in academic courses based upon their English Placement Test (EPT) and the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) exam. EOP Summer Bridge Academy is design to strengthen Mathematics, English and leadership skills. Students complete two or three courses and upon successful completion earn college credit. Students are responsible for locating, securing, inspecting, and paying for their own living accommodations and transportation during the 6-week program. EOP does NOT provide housing for Summer Bridge Academy

6 Six reasons why EOP Summer Bridge Academy is for you…. 1.Students are a step ahead of their freshmen class. 2.Students become familiar with the campus, its resources and its services. 3.Students form early friendships with other incoming freshmen. 4.Students make an early connection with Sacramento State faculty and staff. 5.You will make friends with over 200 other students from the rich and diverse Sacramento State student population. 6.Summer Bridge students have a higher GPA at the end of their first semester.

7 EOP Learning Communities

8 Students will be able to build meaningful relationships with their peers and faculty by taking a set of four classes together. Upon fall enrollment at Sacramento State, all EOP freshmen will be placed in a Learning Community. Transfers students may choose to participate in a Learning Community. Transfer students will meet two of their GE Upper Division requirements. All students will be able to make connections to helpful people and offices on campus. For more information go to:

9 Who May Apply?

10 EOP Admission Criteria Applicants must be: Prospective freshmen & transfer students California Residents and First generation and Historically low-income, Transfer applicants must be of upper-division standing (60 units) and have the following GE categories completed with a C- or better: GE Area A1 through A 3 and B-4 Note: EOP gives PRIORITY admissions consideration to applicants from local area schools.

11 2013-2014 EOP Income Criteria Applicants must be a California resident and meet the income criteria below. Family income guidelines are based on the formulas used to determine the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) for federal student financial aid. DEPENDENT STUDENTS FAMILY SIZE MAXIMUM INCOME 2$35,200 3$39,400 4$45,600 5$51,500 6$58,200 7$63,200 8$68,200 INDEPENDENT STUDENTS FAMILY SIZE MAXIMUM INCOME Single, no dependent 1$15,000 Married, No dependents other than spouse 2$26,200 Married with dependents other than a spouse 2$45,200 3$51,800 4$61,000 5$69,700

12 2013-2014 EOP Applicant Process You must apply for CSU Admission BEFORE applying to EOP. On-line applications are preferred! Complete the EOP section in the CSU Admissions application (section 11) & submit your online Admissions Application at Once you submit your CSU Admissions application and it is determined that you are eligible, you will receive a confirmation which will give you access to the online EOP Application Complete and submit your online EOP Application at by NOVEMBER 30 th

13 EOP Online Recommendation Forms You must submit two Recommendation Forms to EOP. Forms must be completed by a counselor, teacher, clergy or employer. These forms can be submitted by January 18 th by recommenders. We recommend that you have your recommenders’ contact information ready for this section of your EOP application, you will need:  Full name, Title, email address

14 EOP Deadlines To be considered for Fall 2013 EOP Admissions you MUST: 1.Apply for CSU and EOP admissions between October 1 and November 30. 2. Submit two EOP recommendation forms by January 18, 2013. Please keep in mind, ALL EOP freshmen will be enrolled in the Summer Bridge Academy, beginning in July 2013.

15 EOP Enrollment Process Submit your EOP Recommendation Forms, no later than January 18 th Submit your FAFSA application between January 1 st - March 2 nd TRANSFERS ONLY - Submit Transcript (Showing Spring 2013 courses in progress. ) FRESHMEN ONLY - Complete your ELM (MATH) and EPT (English) exams. CONFIRM your Sacramento State Admissions – Intent to Enroll (ITE) - March 1 st - May 1 st Submit your ITE electronically at Your EOP Admission notice will be sent via e-mail on March 1 st (same as the University admissions notification) After submitting your CSU AND EOP applications you must do the following:

16 SAT Fee Waivers Eligible students may receive 2 fee waivers from high school counselor. ACT Fee Waiver Eligible students may receive 1 fee waiver from high school counselor. FAFSA Application assistance may be available at your high school. Look for CASH to College workshops @ your high school. S A C R A M E N T O S T A T E EOP INFORMATION Additional Resources

17 Questions? (916) 278-6183

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