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INTERVIEWS. The interview is a crucial step in the recruitment process.

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2 The interview is a crucial step in the recruitment process.

3 How can you get prepared for an interview?

4 When called for an interview, confirm the location of the interview and be there 10-15 minutes before the interview, neither earlier, nor later.

5 Also bring extra copies of your CV and go over the information in it.

6 Before the Interview Find out what sort of interview you are going to be having Research the company to find out about them Prepare for types of questions they might ask you in relation to that job role Research yourself: think about the skills, strengths, and weaknesses you have Try to use some relaxation techniques

7 During the Interview Relate the answers to the job itself Don’t hide information Don’t say you don’t have weaknesses but talk about how you can overcome them

8 Don’t sound overambitious Use body language effectively Use positive language Don’t run down your previous employer Mention achievements and experience that are relevant to your application

9 TYPES OF INTERVIEWS: Distance interview Group interview Mealtime interview One on one interview

10 Panel interview Behavioral interview Presentations Case interviews

11 Use appropriate style of language Establish eye contact Be well-prepared for possible questions about your achievements and weaknesses Look and speak confidently Avoid having low energy during the interview INTERVIEW TIPS


13 Employers look for three main traits when interviewing a candidate: positivity, sense of responsibility and competency.

14 The image is captured first with body language before the spoken word registers in our mind.

15 Eye contact Steady Don’t roam Don’t stare unblinking

16 handshake Firm and gender free

17 Fidget signals Don’t play with jewellery or clothes Pay attention to pace of language Don’t be too chatty Don’t overnod

18 Positive signals Position of hand and face Confident posture Sit back in the chair

19 Non-verbal appearance Think of someone you admire Be calm Work with a purpose Head high

20 The End

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