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Enhance Your Interviewing Skills

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1 Enhance Your Interviewing Skills

2 Tips for a Successful Interview
Purpose of an Interview Preparing for an interview Dressing to IMPRESS During the Interview After the Interview Helpful Hints

3 What is the Purpose of an Interview?
The interview is likely your first face-to-face contact with a potential employer Good first impressions are crucial Opportunity for employer to meet and see how well spoken you are and to learn about you.

4 Preparing for an Interview
DO YOUR HOMEWORK Because of its importance, interviewing requires advance preparation Research the company with whom you are interviewing History Services and products Competitors Locations New products Practice basic interview questions

5 Dress the part What you wear creates an impression on the interviewer
Conservative dress is always appropriate, no matter what the dress code of the organization If you look professional, you will feel professional – this adds to your professional presence See handout for specifics

6 During the Interview Arrive 10 minutes early to the interview
Strut your stuff Your entrance and the way you carry yourself can influence the image you project Hold your head up, do not slump “The person who has confidence indicates this by a strong stride, a friendly smile, good posture, and a genuine sense of energy.” Believe – and project – that you have a reason to be there

7 During an Interview Be Professional- remember your soft skills
Listen to the entire question before answering Respond appropriately and concisely Be prepared but not rehearsed It’s okay to pause- be comfortable with silence Focus on what you can bring to the company BE SPECIFIC and make yourself standout Be aware of your nonverbal language!!!

8 Interview Do’s and Don’ts
Interviewing 101 Handout

9 Practice makes perfect
Students study for tests, runners train for marathons, actors rehearse lines – interviewing is no different By practicing for your interviews, you will be better prepared and appear more confident and in control, thus increasing your professional presence

10 After the Interview Thank the interviewer Get a business card
Ask what the next step is WRITE A THANK YOU NOTE

11 Practice Common Interview Questions Worksheet Mock Interview

12 How to write a thank-you note and address an envelope.
Explanation and Practice

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