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For any High School/College students interested in choosing this field.

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1 For any High School/College students interested in choosing this field.

2  Physical Therapy is a medical practice in which a license health care professional help patients reduce pain and improve/restore mobility after an injury or surgery.

3  Median Salary is $80,000. NJ is the third highest paid state for PT earning $82,800  Work either in: outpatient clinic, inpatient rehab center, home, office, fitness center etc..  Takes about 3-4 yrs to get a degree in PT.

4  Specializations:  Cardiovascular & Pulmonary  Clinical Electrophysiology  Geriatrics  Neurology  Orthopaedics  Pediatrics  Sports Physical Therapy  Women's Health

5  PT wants to improve someone’s  Speed  Mobility  Balance  Strength  Flexibility  Movement  Coordination  Respiratory endurance  Cardiovascular endurance

6  There are three different fields in PT: Inpatient/Outpatient Physical Therapy Research Base Sports Medicine

7  Some good undergraduate degrees › Biology (Pre-Med) › Athletic Training › Health Promotion & Fitness Management › Physical Therapy Assistant Try to Major in Health Science

8  Every PT school as somewhat the same pre-requisite.  Pre-requisite are prior courses needed to take more advance courses.

9 Usually pre-requisite courses: › Anatomy and/or Physiology I and II › Biology › Chemistry I and II › Physics › Social and Behavioral Science › Statistics

10  Some PT do a joint undergrad/PT degree  Ex: Stockton College of New Jersey › Pre- Physical Therapy (7 year program)  4 yrs undergraduate, 3 yrs PT

11  Like any school there is a process and requirements that have to be met.  Every school is different. IMPORTANT to do your research

12  Research PT program and schools › Sample of what to look for in order of importance PT ProgramStaffSchool’s AccreditationLocation

13  Receive a Bachelor Degree  Complete Pre-Requisite Courses  Obtain Physical Therapy Experience  Complete the recommended amount  Have Hours verified by a PT  Pass any exam like MCAT  Look at what the program request

14  Hold a 3.0+ GPA  Obtain Official Transcript  3 appropriate references  1 from a license Physical Therapist  Other 2 from professor or a professional in the health field  Submit a completed application early

15  It also doesn’t hurt to do a little extra › Join/Create a Club › Do Volunteer work › Get different certifications  You need to show the Board of Admission that YOU are UNIQUE

16  Employment in PT is growing fast then expected.  Demand for therapist has sky rocketed  Expected to grow by 40% by 2020

17 Making a Difference Be a Movement Expert Enjoy Job Security Love You Job Choose Your Location Be and Entrepreneur Reference:

18  US News & World Report issued a list of “best jobs” in 2012 Physical Therapy Ranked 4 th best job in health care Ranked 8 th overall best job 4 8

19 Maybe I’ll look into Physical Therapy?!?!?

20  Be your you pick a career you love › Don’t just go after the money  Network with other interested or that are already in the field. Never Give Up on Your DREAM

21 Contact a local license physical therapist OR Talk to your professor, advisor, or Health Profession Advisor You can visit: for more information on

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