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The Physical Therapy Profession and APTA. Who We Are.

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1 The Physical Therapy Profession and APTA

2 Who We Are

3 Our Beginnings

4 Our Beginnings (cont.) WWII Polio epidemic

5 APTA Today 77,000+ members Alexandria, VA 180 staff Vision 2020 R. Scott Ward, PT, PhD John D. Barnes, CEO

6 Physical Therapists Improve Movement, Function, and Health Orthopedic conditions Joint and soft-tissue injuries Sports injuries Neurologic conditions Arthritic conditions Systemic conditions Cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions Workplace injuries Integumentary conditions Pediatric conditions

7 Physical Therapist Education Graduate with a post-baccalaureate degree from an accredited program; most offer a doctorate (DPT) Must pass a state-administered national licensure exam;

8 Physical Therapist Education (cont.) 200 academic institutions 213 accredited programs 206 offer the professional DPT

9 Physical Therapist Treatment Therapeutic exercise Functional training in self-care Functional training in community and work Manual therapy techniques Devices and equipment

10 Choosing a Physical Therapist Find-A-PT Direct access to PT Choice is yours Licensed PT Covered by insurance

11 Your First Visit to a PT Evaluation Examination Plan of care

12 Payment for Physical Therapist Services Medicare Medicaid Private insurance companies Federal employee health benefit program Workers’ compensation programs Self-pay HMOs, PPOs Automobile liability programs

13 PT Specialist Certification Cardiovascular and pulmonary Clinical electrophysiology Geriatric Neurologic Orthopaedic Pediatric Sports Women’s health

14 Practice Based on Evidence Shortens stays in the ICU Reduces risk of postnatal depression Improves function after back surgery Improves movement in premature infants Improves postural stability in patients with Parkinson disease

15 Evidence (cont.) Effective for pregnancy-related incontinence Effective for relieving pain and stiffness associated with OA of the knee Successfully treats lymphedema

16 Dynamic Areas of PT Practice Diabetes Emergency/Urgent care Hospice Care Obesity Management Performing Arts Women’s Health

17 The Physical Therapist Assistant Under direction and supervision of a licensed PT 2-year associate’s degree Teaching exercise, training in activities of daily living, using physical agents

18 Where PT Members Practice

19 PT Age Distribution

20 PT Employment Status

21 A “Top” Profession Top 100 rank: 4 Sector: Health Care

22 APTA’s Strategic Plan Access to PT Services Education Payment for Services Public Awareness/Recognition Research Practice Standards

23 A Few Current APTA Initiatives Health Care Reform Physical Therapist Brand Direct Access Elimination of Therapy Caps


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