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Possessive adjectives

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1 Possessive adjectives
Possessive adjectives show possession. In English they are my, your, our, etc. They mean the same thing in French. You will have to make them agree with the noun they describe.

2 M F Pl my mon ma mes your ton ta tes his her son sa ses its

3 m or f pl our notre nos your votre vos their leur leurs

4 When you have ma, ta, and sa before a noun beginning with a vowel, you will change them to mon, ton, and son. You cannot have ma amie. You must have mon amie. How will you know the person about whom they are talking is feminine?

5 Again, you will make the adjective agree with the noun you are describing, not the subject.
Basically, it will agree with the noun that follows it. The possessive adjectives will take place of the un, une, le, la, etc.

6 He likes his sister. Il aime sa sœur. We are looking at our sports car. Nous regardons notre voiture de sport. They are listening to their radio. Ils écoutent leur radio.

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