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Stress pronouns and possessives

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1 Stress pronouns and possessives

2 What is a pronoun in english?
A subject pronoun Ex Replaces a proper noun (name) Replaces the subject I am going to the movies ( I = Sub Pron) You are eating ( you = Sub Pron) He is working (instead of Mark is working) (he = pron) She is nice (instead of Lisa is nice) (she = pron) We are tired (instead of Sara and I) (we = pron) They are fun (instead of Mark and Lisa) (They = pron)

3 What are the subject pronouns in French?
We Nous You Tu You / y’all Vous He/she Il/elle They Ils/elles

4 Stress pronouns in english
Stressed pronouns, also known as disjunctive pronouns, are used to emphasize a noun or pronoun that refers to a person. French stressed pronouns correspond in some ways to their English counterparts, but are very different in other ways. Note that the English translations sometimes require different sentence structures altogether. Ex) He is talking to me me, I am always right (extra emphasis)

5 Stress pronouns in French
I/am Moi us nous you toi You/y’all vous Him/her/it Lui (m) elle (f) them Eux (m) elles (f)

6 To emphasize nouns or pronouns
- Je pense qu'il a raison.     - Moi, je pense qu'il a tort.     - Je ne sais pas, moi.     - I think he's right.     - I think he's wrong.     - I don't know.

7 When a sentence has more than one subject or object
  Michel et moi, nous jouons au tennis.     Michael and I are playing tennis.  Toi et lui, vous êtes très gentils.     You and he are very kind.

8 After the preposition à to indicate possession
Ce stylo est à moi.     This pen is mine. Quel livre est à toi ?     Which book is yours?

9 Book examples Moi, je parle… Toi, tu étudies… Lui, il habite…
Elle, elle aime… Nous, nous jouons… Vous, vous chantez…. Eux, ils aiment… Elles, elle ne voyagent pas… Me, I speak You, you study Him, he lives She, she likes We, we play You, you sing Them, they like Them, they do not travel

10 Cherchez votre livre Faite act. 11 pg 23

11 Possessive adjectives
Possessive adjectives show ownership. In English they are my, your, his, hers, ours, yours / y’all’s, their The owner Before a singular noun Before a plural noun English Masc Fem - Je Tu Il, elle Mon Ton Son Ma Ta Sa Mes Tes ses My Your His/hers/its Nous Vous Ils, elles Notre Votre leur Nos Vos Leurs Our Your their

12 Gender is determined by the noun
Examples C’est ma voiture, Il a mon stylo, Elle a mes livres Elle a sa calculatrice et son cahier Il a sa calculatrice et son cahier Elle aime ses amies Il aime ses amis Fem noun Masc noun Plural noun Gender is determined by the noun

13 Plural examples Nous aimons notre prof Nous faisons nos devoirs
Vous mangez votre hamburger Vous mangez vos hamburgers Ils ont leur moto Ils ont leurs motos Prof is a singular noun Devoirs is a plural noun Hamburger is a singular noun Hamburgers is now a plural noun Moto is a singular noun Motos is now a plural noun

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