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Green Digital Bristol Dr Lorraine Hudson Bristol Futures Group 17 th September 2012.

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1 Green Digital Bristol Dr Lorraine Hudson Bristol Futures Group 17 th September 2012


3 Bristol a Leading ‘Green Digital City’ Covenant of Mayors signatory Only UK city to be a European Green Capital Finalist 2010/11 & 2014 Ambitious carbon targets – 40% reduction by 2020 Climate Change & Energy Security Framework

4 Bristol a Leading ‘Green Digital City’ Green Digital Charter: – Green ICT – Smart City Creative & integrated approach: environment, digital & economic development Public, Private, People Partnership Test bed for innovation & deployment City Council Fibre Network – B-Net UK Super Connected City

5 Carbon Reduction Target 40% reduction in Bristol’s CO 2 by 2020 from 2005 baseline Includes organisations, homes & transport and ICT included in this Between 2005-09, total CO 2 emissions reduced by 15% or 20% per capita CO 2 emission Population increased by 6%

6 Bristol ICT Carbon Footprint For 2006 The scope covers all non-domestic ICT 3% of City emissions or 7% of industrial or commercial emissions use within the Bristol City authority area.

7 Sector Breakdown Energy Consumption (kWh) Energy Expense (£) Carbon Emissions (t/CO2) Total125,248,23410,771,34867,258


9 Bristol Green Addict Green ICT portal with free resources and tools Carbon footprint displayed in creative & engaging way Green ICT Solutions Database Tool to create Action Plan Green ICT Champion case studies

10 Council Green ICT Champion Green ICT Officer & Green ICT Strategy (2010) Green data centre - natural cooling provided by the moat Printer consolidation & reduction IT equipment reuse & recycling scheme - redundant council PC's being redirected for community use Server virtualisation & consolidation Exploring central power down of all PCs as standard The Datacentre Leaders' Award: Innovation in the Micro Data Centre

11 Smart City Bristol Report The purpose of the report is: – An independent analysis of how smart city technologies can contribute to Bristol’s carbon reduction objectives – Benchmark Bristol against other world cities – Set of objective recommendations that will contribute to further emission reductions and provide city-wide economic benefits Funded by DECC and available at

12 Smart City Bristol - Opportunities Initial focus:  Smart Energy  Smart Transport  Smart Data Exploring other social & economic challenges & opportunities including telehealth.

13 Smart Energy Smart metering: DeHems & 3eHouses Smart Grid: So La Bristol Smart Spaces: reducing energy demand in public buildings using ICT

14 Smart Transport Traffic Control Centre Freight Consolidation Centre ICT services for Electric Vehicles Enhancing the User Experience Integrated Logistics

15 Smart Data B-Open - Open Data Portal Media Sandbox – Pervasive Media Studio Whose Data? – Knowle West Media Centre

16 Conclusion Future cities will be smart, green, open and connected.

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