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Creating a Low Carbon City with a High Quality of Life for All Bristol’s Experiences.

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1 Creating a Low Carbon City with a High Quality of Life for All Bristol’s Experiences

2 Local Agenda 21 into Action Local Agenda 21

3 Ambitious Aspirations Develop Sustainable Communities with: Zero Waste Carbon Neutrality Sustainable Transport Thriving Biodiversity And more!

4 Easy Recycling for All 2003 – Existing Kerbside Dry Recycling 2006 – Food waste collections, universal recycling and tighter residual control 2011 – Improved recycling services and Mechanical and Biological Treatment 2013 – Gasification and Pyrolysis plant Continuous citizen communication and engagement

5 Household Waste - Performance


7 Sustainable Transport Strategy Redesign the city centre Enhance bus services Create a cycling culture Develop new rapid transit and rail services Enable smarter choices for active travel

8 Redesigning the City Centre BeforeFuture

9 Bristol – The Cycling City


11 Bristol Metro – A £420m investment

12 Enriching Lives with Wildlife Effective site management Strategic network of sites and corridors Citizen volunteering and science Partnership

13 Climate Change and Energy Climate Change and Energy Security Framework Reduce carbon emissions from 2005 by 40% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 Reduce energy use by 30% by 2020 Sector targets and accountabilities –Housing –Business –Transport

14 Climate Change and Energy Leading by example – Corporate emissions - 32% down Focus on Fuel Poverty Home energy efficiency – 25% improvement Stimulating investment by public and private sectors –Outstanding green offices and homes –Most energy efficient hospital in England –New Low Carbon Enterprise Zone

15 Climate Change and Energy Demonstration and innovation: –Renewable energy - Electric vehicles –Smart metering/ grids- Green Doors Council led energy Investment programme - £175m –Public building energy efficiency and renewables –District heating schemes –Advanced home energy efficiency –Integrated renewable energy

16 CO 2 Performance

17 CO 2 Performance – English Core Cities

18 Partnership is key

19 Low Carbon South West Green business sector partnership Focused on developing the green economy Businesses, academia, investors, local authorities and national agencies World leading companies Over 3000 network members

20 Bristol Natural History Consortium Public and voluntary sector partnership Clear focus Strong members Powerful citizen engagement

21 Bristol Community Energy Network Community led network Supported by public and private organisations Dynamic members Action based but also sharing and learning Building the identity and capacity of the sector

22 European Green Capital Award Bristol finalist for 2010-11 and 2014 Entered now for 2015 along with Glasgow Created real benefits for Bristol We encourage you to apply – next year!

23 Benefits Business Support Political support Public support Profile for city Performance

24 Bristol’s approach People, people, people Robust intelligence and evidence Ambitious goals and targets to inspire Phased implementation Integration into the system and DNA Celebrated success to generate success Strong political commitment Partnership and collaboration Enabling citizen action

25 Alex Minshull Sustainable City Manager Bristol City Council +44 117 922 4453


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