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Summarize wise food selection practices

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1 Summarize wise food selection practices
Teen Living Objective 8.01 Summarize wise food selection practices

2 Meal Planning Courses of a meal: Appetizer = first course
Entrée = main course Side dish Dessert Meal Planning usually begins with the entrée

3 Nutrition in a Meal A meal should have items from all food groups of the food pyramid

4 Nutrition Labels Check serving size to determine how many calories/fat grams, etc. consumed

5 Ingredients List Ingredients are listed in order of greatest quantity to least quantity in an item The main ingredient is listed first

6 Preparing to Shop Take a shopping list with you, to save time and money Shopping lists should be organized based upon the store layout Eat a snack before going shopping to avoid impulse purchases Staples = basic ingredients to always have such as, flour, sugar, and salt

7 Where to Shop Convenience store = speedy check-out
Supermarket = best for quality fruits & vegetables Specialty market = freshest quality Warehouse club = lower prices

8 How to Shop Compare Unit Price to make sure you are getting the best value/best buy Sale price/net contents = unit price

9 How to Shop National brands have the highest quality
Check expiration dates – look on the shelf for the freshest package of food Pull date = perishable items can no longer be sold but will often be fresh for up to a week A large package of food with a low unit price may not be the most economical buy if the food might spoil before it can be used

10 How to Shop Buy produce that is in-season for the best quality at the lowest price Heavy produce means that it is juicy Avoid blemishes (bruises) on fruit, wilted lettuce (brown or limp), and potatoes with sprouts

11 Nutrition 100% juice is the most nutritious
Juice labeled “juice drink”, “punch”, or with the letters “ade” (orangeade) on the end have extra sugars added Organic foods are planted without chemical fertilizers Store bought baked goods contain preservatives that prevent them from molding as quickly as homemade

12 Check-Out As groceries are scanned, check that prices match shelf prices Use coupons for items regularly purchased Universal Product Code itemizes purchases on the receipt

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