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Lighten Up Eating Well can be Easy A CommonHealth Program

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1 Lighten Up Eating Well can be Easy A CommonHealth Program

2 Plan Purchase Prepare (and forget about the apron!)

3 Make it easy You can’t go wrong eating more fruits and vegetables. Keep it simple.

4 Fill about ½ of every plate with fruits and vegetables

5 Serving Sizes Typical Daily Consumption Recommended Daily Consumption

6 Hit the grocery store instead of the drive through for fresh salads, steamed microwave veggies, or select hot bar items. Try roasting meals or use a slow cooker – low prep time for big nutritious payoff Prep foods for quick use when you bring them home from the store Make two meals and freeze one

7 Make a list and stick to it Keep it simple – buy foods in their natural state - You pay extra for convenience Keep protein serving sizes in check Compare prices using store circulars Use coupons only for things you need Consider store brands

8 Keep it simple Ask for help – you can’t get better if you don’t try Avoid cooking for big events or holidays – you don’t need that kind of pressure Try foods that are in season for maximum deliciousness

9 Plan the meal Involve everyone in the household Try “Make Your Own” meals like personal pizzas, tacos, egg scrambles, and stir frys Make it fun by adding music to prep time

10 Plan 1.Take Inventory – use what you already have on hand 2.Make a Meals List - get ideas from everyone 3.Create a Grocery List – and stick to it

11 Purchase Use your list Shop on a full stomach Check prices – bigger is not always better Use coupons wisely Stick to the outside of the store to maximize nutritional content Look on the top and bottom shelves to find store brands

12 Prepare Keep it simple Involve everyone Make Fruits and Veggies easy to eat Don’t make it a big deal, just make it Eat what you like

13 Lighten Up! You have the power to make dinner easy Stick with real food Plan ahead to make cooking less of a chore Get everyone involved Have more fun Take the kitchen back!

14 For more information please visit: Thanks for Participating

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