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Geneva, Switzerland, 14 November 2014 Cloud Related Activities of CCSA Gao Wei, Director Engineer, CATR ITU Workshop on “Cloud Computing.

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1 Geneva, Switzerland, 14 November 2014 Cloud Related Activities of CCSA Gao Wei, Director Engineer, CATR ITU Workshop on “Cloud Computing Standards – Today and the Future” (Geneva, Switzerland 14 November 2014)

2 2 Participants of CCSA Cloud Activities Telecom Operators ICT Vendors Internet Companies Academics

3 3 Cloud Related TCs TC1: IP and Multimedia TC3: Network and Switching TC4: Communication Power Supply & Station Operational Environment TC5: Wireless Communication TC6: Transport and Access Network TC7: Network management & Operation Support TC8: Network and Information Security TC9: Electromagnetic Environment & Protection TC10: Ubiquitous Network (UN) TC11:Mobile Internet Application and Terminal Technical STG FDN: Future Data Network

4 Cloud Related Projects 50+ standards or TRs have been initiated since 2010 General specifications: vocabulary and taxonomy, general architecture, etc. Service scenario and requirements: IaaS, PaaS, NaaS, DaaS, etc. Cloud platform: resource management, inter- cloud, service and management interfaces, etc. Network: inner/inter-DC network, bear network Operation and maintenance Security 4

5 Green Datacenter Standards Have Been Taken into Practice 10+ cloud datacenter related specifications have been initiated, including: Datacenter Energy Efficiency Metrics: define the basic metrics to the identify energy efficiency of datacenters Technology Specification and Evaluation Methods for Green Datacenter: how to evaluate the “green level” of datacenters Datacenter Grading and Classification Technology Specification : classify datacenters by 3 dimensions: reliability, energy efficiency, and security 5

6 Analysis of Global/Domestic Cloud Standardization Activities 6 General concept Operation Vocabulary, taxonomies, definitions General architecture Service lifecycle management User management Maintenance Management model Service assurance Cloud service SLA for different service models Cloud platform Service requirement & scenario Interfaces Platform architecture Device & terminals Network DC network/inter-DC network/bear network Security General framework General requirement Service security Operation security Regulation Compliance

7 Principals of CCSA in Cloud Standardization Activities Openness Open to the industry, especially cloud market stakeholders Open to achievements from industry, including SDOs, consortiums, de facto(standards), open source Practical In line with the status of industry Meet requirements from different stakeholders Moderate forward thinking 7

8 8 International Liaison Chart C2: Involved as SDO only Cooperation, Info and discussion OP/PSG/SC, technical specification C4: MoU C3: involved as enterprises and/or individuals CCSA just coordinate among Chinese delegation … …. C1: involved as national SDO, Referencing, X-info (A.5/6) GSC CJK

9 9 Global Cloud Computing Standardization Harmonization  China Telecom, China Unicom, ZTE, Huawei, and CATR are actively participate in the cloud computing activities of ITU-T SG13, SG17, and served as rapporteurs and editors. Other SDOs:  DMTF(MOU)  Huawei, China Mobile, Lenovo, ZTE, CATR and some universities are active members  CCSA have become alliance partners of DMTF  TGG(MOU)  CATR and China Mobile are the key members  IETF  ZTE and Huawei are sponsors of some cloud computing BOF and research  Members of CCSA Also participate in CSA, The Open Group, SNIA, OASIS, etc.

10 Focus of Future Specific cloud service requirement and technical specification Cloud service requirements in specific market area Cloud networking Security requirements Cloud SLA Operation and maintenance 10

11 Challenges o Cloud service still in its “infant stage” in China. The requirements on standardization are still vague in some sense. o How to harmonize with de facto and open source, based on the members benefits. o Attract more stakeholders of cloud participate the activities of CCSA 11

12 12 Next Steps / Actions Cooperate with industrial organizations Pursue liaison relationships with international SDO's and organizations that are already engaged in cloud activities Ensure the harmonization with the state of the art cloud standardization activities in the world.

13 Geneva, Switzerland, 14 November 2014 13 Thank You For Listening! China Communications Standards Association Website : Adress: 52# Hua Yuan Bei Road, Haidian District, Beijng, P.R.China Postal code: 100083 Telephone : +86-10-62302645 Fax : +86-10-62301849 E-mail : Contact Person : Shizhuo Zhao

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