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© Copyright 2013 Vivit Worldwide. Overview Q2 2013.

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1 © Copyright 2013 Vivit Worldwide

2 Overview Q2 2013

3 © Copyright 2013 Vivit Worldwide Meet Vivit Non-profit organization started by customers in 1993. The only HP Software user community endorsed by HP. Over 15,000 members worldwide. Your only source of information on HP Software that is completely unbiased, uncensored and field-tested Vivit is not just for practitioners, but managers and executives, too. –50% of members work hands-on with the HP Software products. 50% of members are in decision-making roles

4 © Copyright 2013 Vivit Worldwide Community Vivit is the place to connect with thought-leaders, the best and the brightest in the industry. Face-to-face meetings in one of 70 local chapters across 25 countries. Connect with like-minded professionals online in a Special Interest Group (SIG) that focuses on a specific solution or application. Capitalize on conversations in forums and blogs. Receive community and industry updates in the monthly eNewsletter.

5 © Copyright 2013 Vivit Worldwide Education Participate in live web events Access product information, general reference material, and webinar recordings Peruse Vivit’s collection of knowledge based user articles Access HP and Partner information Attend Vivit Advanced Training at in-person events like HP Discover

6 © Copyright 2013 Vivit Worldwide Advocacy Influence HP Software product direction Influence HP Software Support 2-way communication You ↔ Vivit ↔ HP Development

7 © Copyright 2013 Vivit Worldwide Career Development Access the on-line career center Take advantage of leadership, speaking and training opportunities Publish your case studies and whitepapers

8 © Copyright 2013 Vivit Worldwide Membership Annual membership is FREE Vivit does not share membership information with anyone unless you instruct us to do so You control your privacy level in your member profile Plus, you receive special discounts, including HP Discover registration and HP Software Education services.

9 © Copyright 2013 Vivit Worldwide Headlines March 8, 2013

10 © Copyright 2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. June 11 - 13 Las Vegas, Nevada Save $300. Use code Vivit. Win 2014 conference pass.

11 © Copyright 2013 Vivit Worldwide Vivit Advanced Training Dive deep. June 11, before HP Discover begins Las Vegas, Nevada Add course to your HP Discover registration account.

12 © Copyright 2013 Vivit Worldwide Vivit Advanced Training Courses 6.uCMDB V10 – What’s New & Advanced uCMDB Discovery Script Development Using uCMDB Web-Services 7.BSM Service Intelligence Suite: The 5th Dimension of APM 8.Mobile Application Development – a short tutorial using HP Anywhere 9.Mobile Functional Testing – with UFT Mobile 10.Mobile Performance Testing 1.Deep Dive into Unified Functional Testing 11.5 2.Deep Dive into ALM 11.5 3.HP ALM: Best Practice Templates and Intelligent Reporting 4.Mango – Enabling Next Generation Test Automation on HP ALM, HP UFT and HP BPT 5.Modern Data Protection with HP

13 © Copyright 2013 Vivit Worldwide Board of Directors Election Vote! @ http://www.vivit- Elections open until May 22, 2013 or until a 10% quorum is reached Candidate LinkCountry David Broerman Candidate LinkUSA Mark Ford Candidate LinkUSA Colin Fries Candidate LinkUSA Christian Gerdes Candidate LinkSweden Mark Herbert Candidate LinkUSA Olli Laiho Candidate LinkFinland Brian Pohl Candidate LinkUSA Tammy Young Candidate LinkUSA

14 © Copyright 2013 Vivit Worldwide

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