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A practical resource to Improve Safety Performance 1.

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1 A practical resource to Improve Safety Performance 1

2 ASSE OVERVIEW  Oldest professional safety society committed to protecting people, property and the environment  Over 36,000 occupational safety, health and environmental professional members  Members manage, supervise, research and consult on safety, health, and the environment Members represent more than 75 countries 65% of CSPs are members 2

3 Advance your Safety team with ASSE 3 K EEP C OMPLIANT WITH R EGULATORY ISSUES ASSE Solutions:  Latest news & information in OSH Governmental regulations  State Legislative and Regularity Activity Reports  Opportunity to get your voice involved in the Governmental Affairs Committee

4 Advance your Safety team with ASSE 4 B EST P RACTICES FOR YOUR S AFETY T EAM ASSE Solutions:  ASSE Body of Knowledge Content  Regulatory Issues  Applied Science and Engineering content  Cost Analysis and Budgeting templates/examples  Benchmarking and Performance Criteria – specific to Industries  Standards & Checklists  Best practice sharing with the 36,000 ASSE members  Monthly local Chapter meetings  Get immediate answers through ASSE Linked-In Discussions

5 Advance your Safety team with ASSE 5 K EEP Y OUR T EAM I NFORMED ASSE Solutions:  Professional Safety Journal  Access to all ASSE Professional Development Conference Proceedings  Industry Specific Technical Publications Monthly, unparalleled value, archived online Best practices Safety management Health & wellness Leadership Rules & regulations Standards Industry notes New product innovations Nearly 200 sessions in SAFETY 2014 proceedings 29 Industry Specific Practice Specialties and common interest groups offering technical resources, networking, advice, and publications

6 Advance your Safety team with ASSE 6 K EEP Y OUR T EAM S TRONG – E DUCATION & T RAINING ASSE Solutions:  Deep discounts on top quality Safety Seminars, workshops, and events  Annual Professional Development Conference  Certificate Programs  Certificate in Safety Management  Executive Program in Safety Management  Virtual Classroom  Symposia  Webinars  On-demand sessions & business training modules  Customized On-Site Members Save $140 on SAFETY 2015 registration Maximize your training dollars with Virtual Classroom training. Your entire team can participate with just one registration. New members receive one free educational webinar (a $115 value)

7 Advance your Safety team with ASSE 7 C ERTIFY YOUR S AFETY T EAM M EMBERS ASSE Solutions:  Extensive Discounts on Certification Preparation Workshops  Math Review  ASP, CSP, CHST, or OHST Prep Courses  Deep Discounts on Certification Study Materials  Earn Continuing Education Credits to Maintain Certification  By being an ASSE Member  Attending workshops/training  Attending Local Chapter meetings  Contributing content to Professional Safety Journal or Practice Specialty publications Members Save $150 on Certification Preparation Workshops

8 MEMBER BENEFITS  Networking: 36,000 OSH professionals, social networking sites, 150 regional chapters to get your questions answered  Professional Safety Journal: 12 issues of the #1 ranked OSH journal to stay up to speed on trends and best practices  Body of Knowledge: Full access to the living reference of thousands of OSH articles, white papers and checklists  Practical Content: Society Update, monthly electronic newsletter and EHS Works blog, Business of Safety Resource Center  Job Board: OSH job board and career center  Government and public relations advocacy  Discounts on technical publications, training and professional development Professional Development: Earn CEUs and various educational conferences, seminars and webinars Communities: 29 practice specialties and common interest groups Standards & Technical Publications: Numerous resources to go beyond compliance 8

9 What ASSE can do for our Organization 9  Drive business performance through knowledge  Reduce the risk of costly fines for non-compliance  Bridge the gap between Safety and the bottom line  Deliver tools, resources, and examples to address specific business challenges  Strengthen the skill set of our Safety team  Deliver research and data analysis to help show the value & need for Safety Management

10 JOIN ASSE START UTILIZING THE POWER OF MEMBER BENEFITS NOW 10 With the money you save, your membership will pay for itself.

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