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Schlosser & Pfirman, Nature Geosciences, 2012 Integrated Approach Pilots: Charting a New Frontier for the Global Environment.

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1 Schlosser & Pfirman, Nature Geosciences, 2012 Integrated Approach Pilots: Charting a New Frontier for the Global Environment

2 1.Taking Deforestation out of Commodities Supply Chain 2.Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa 3.Sustainable Cities GEF-6 Integrated Approach Pilots (IAP) Deliver global environmental benefits beyond single GEF focal area Time-bound nature of concrete impact Relevance for Sustainable Development Innovative way to support action at multiple levels based on partnership

3 IAP 1: Taking Deforestation Out of Commodity Supply Chains Linking long-term national sustainable development policies and programs with day-to-day value chain management approaches Enhance understanding among decision makers Strengthen enabling environment Support uptake of best production practice Enhance investment in sustainable commodities Market-based approach Whole value-chain engagement

4 Components of Commodities IAP Taking Deforestation Out of Commodity Supply Chains Enabling Environment & Facilitating Conditions Increase of Supply through means which do not lead to deforestation Increase of Demand for Sustainable Commodities - National Governments - Financial Institutions - Producers - Services Providers - Local Communities - Buyers - Traders - Processors

5 Global Consortium for Commodities IAP

6 Programming Process June 2014 – Theory of Change prepared and potential approaches considered by agencies and GEFSEC July 2014 – Agencies met to agree on ToC and outline structure August 2014 – Implementation structured agreed between agencies September onwards –Preliminary Steering Group established, regular fortnightly SG telephone conference calls + specific work groups Partners joining, eg. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Stakeholder discussion events are being programmed in Indonesia, Brazil and China within the next 5 weeks involving governmental, private sector, civil society stakeholders, as well as other active organizations and existing initiatives and donors.

7 IAP 2: Food Security EIU Global Food Security Index - 2014 Potential for Transformational Impact Agriculture and Food Security  major development priorities CAADP  pillars on food security, land and water management Evergreen Agriculture  focus on smallholder farmers and food value chains Opportunity for integration of Ecosystem Services  sustainability and resilience

8 An Integrated Approach Multi-stakeholder platforms Institutions and policies Engage Incentives Working at scale - Scaling-up of interventions Act Monitoring & Assessment Track Fostering Sustainability and Resilience for Food Security Adaptive Management and Learning

9 SAHEL HORN OF AFRICA EAST AFRICAN HIGHLANDS SOUTHERN AFRICA Geographical Targets for Food Security IAP  Dryland regions  Smallholder agriculture  Target 10-12 countries initially

10 Conceptual Phase Concept Development Consultations with key Stakeholders Engagement with GEF Agencies Document for GEF Replenishment Meeting Program Design Phase Characterization of Target Geographies Country engagement and Institutional frameworks Refinement of Results framework for the Program Operational Design Phase Programming of resources Framework for Implementation Final Program Document(s) for GEF Council Program Development Plan Completed

11 IAP 3: Sustainable Cities Urgency to integrate global environmental considerations and resilience into city management through planning, design, and action Enhancing partnership towards impact Supporting goals of Multilateral Environmental Conventions Going beyond traditional, single GEF focal area project

12 Proposed Program Structure Overall SC-IAP Coordination (World Bank + GEF Secretariat) Global Coordination & Knowledge Sharing Platform City Pilot #1City Pilot #2City Pilot #3City Pilot #4Etc. High-Level Advisory Committee Consultative Committee $10 million $45 million at least $45 million matching STAR Allocation

13 Proposed Global Coordination & Knowledge Sharing Platform World Bank leading development of this global component Intended to provide range of support services to pilot cities Working groups with partner agencies and relevant stakeholders further refining how global knowledge platform will work in practice

14 Sustainable Cities IAP Development Conceptual development: 1 st consultative meeting (August 2014) Global coordination and knowledge sharing mechanism development Discussion with interested countries on pilot projects and potential partners Submission of expressions of interest from several countries 2 nd consultative meeting (February 2015) Country component development and consultation Aiming for GEF Council approval in June 2015 Outreach and reporting: Announcement at UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit Progress report to GEF Council in November 2014 and update Sustainable Cities GEF side event at COP 20


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