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1 LEAFLET EVIDENCE By Zosia Staniaszek


3 URLs from research leaflets Animals/Template-Design-Library.aspx consistent colour scheme fonts All of these leaflets have a consistent colour scheme, such as the first one has dark blue and light green throughout. I will use this in my leaflet too because it makes it look much more professional and consistent. The fonts are also the same throughout. images aren’t any large blocks of text language Most of the leaflets use images to visualise the information in the leaflets and to make it more appealing to the audience. There aren’t any large blocks of text which could be boring and long to read and I will try to avoid this too because it is unlikely that young people will want to read lots of information. I will also make sure that the language used is suitable i.e. no technical terms which could be confusing.

4 FIRST DRAFT FRONT CENTRE OPENING PAGE Test Buddy Feedback: ‘This is a good first draft. The colour scheme and layout is consistent with the other publications and it looks professional. You have included everything mentioned on the website, including pictures and an adoption form, well done.’

5 DEVELOPMENT I used this information found on the website to write my introduction to the leaflet and about the adoption scheme. I created this image of scissors and dotted line for the tear off form in Photoshop because I think that it is a good feature on a tear off form and saw it in my leaflet research. To decide what to put on my adoption form I carried out some research for other animal adoption forms and used these as a basis for my form, including address, phone number and personal details. The specification says that the animals in the leaflet must be from the reports, so I chose the animals from my previous publication.

6 FINAL DRAFT I made sure to include all details in the application form, and used ideas of what to include from the other leaflets. I made sure there was no information on or on the back of the form which was needed, so I put pictures on it instead (see next slide). Feedback from Test Buddy: “ There is a consistent corporate identity throughout the project with colours and fonts which adds to the professionalism. It is clear what to do with the application form and I like the use of the dotted line.”

7 I made sure to comply with copyright for all of the images in this publications, as the brief specially included photographs. The pictures are from, a copyright free website. The permissions text above was found on the website, showing that I am allowed to use these images in my Feedback from Test Buddy: “It is very colourful and eye-catching as you have used lots of images. It is good that you have taken care to comply with copyright. You have included all of the criteria specified and the information about each of the animals is in enough detail and easy to understand.”

8 PRINTED VERSION I printed out the leaflet to make sure that it actually worked on paper, and made a few adjustments to the alignment of the text so that it was in the middle of each page. Feedback from Test Buddy: ‘This works well when printed, it is double sided and the folding works. There is no vital information which will be lost if the adoption form is torn off.’

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