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Personalised Report and Fitness Plan.

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1 Personalised Report and Fitness Plan








9 Personally I think that Dave Wallaby has made a dramatic change to his weight, BMI and health. If he continues to eat a healthy, balanced diet then he can maintain his weight and keep himself fit, especially if he continues to exercise regularly. The benefits that Mr Wallaby will see from this diet is that he is generally healthy and will see an increase with in his overall wellbeing, he will be feeling healthy and looking healthy. It is highly unlikely that he will have any health problems, especially related to his heart. Unless he does not continue with the health plan and puts the weight back on. Before this diet he was at a high risk of a cardiovascular malfunction within the next 10-20 years however his chances have decreased and the chances of him having a heart attack are slim, there is now a low chance of him having a heart attack within the next 30-40 years. Personally I think that Dave Wallaby should be very proud of his achievement and should continue eating healthily and exercising on a regular basis. Kind Regards, E.Robertson Campaign Manager

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