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Making the Most of Your Website A Guide for Business Coaches.

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1 Making the Most of Your Website A Guide for Business Coaches

2 How bad can it be?

3 What action am I supposed to take?

4 Do you view this website as credible?

5 Are you Inspired?

6 Can you pick out the good features?

7 Getting closer…

8 Build your website for your customer, NOT for you! What type of consumer are you trying to attract – lifestyle coaching, business coaching, group mentoring programme etc Think about the key elements required Create a clear pathway to get to them from the home page to the end goal (becoming your client/signing up to newsletter etc.) Remember - you may have more than one visitor type visiting your site - how do you keep them all interested and happy?

9 What I think a Coaching site could use

10 Draw People to Your Site E-mail newsletters Publish a regular e-mail newsletter Be a responsible e-mail marketer (not a spammer) - ask your clients what they would like to be informed about and adjust your email content accordingly. Blogging Blogs are great for coaches, keep your clients posted with new events, your train of thought and reference material to check out Social Networking Bebo, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter (John Key is making use of this ) Youtube – Upload your advertising, create a video blog for your clients. Creating Online Communities SEO Work with your keywords to help your natural search ranking. Try Google Adwords to attract motivated visitors.

11 Convert Visitors Client testimonials Establish your credibility by showing what clients say about you, add logos for organisations you belong to Media clips library Provide audio and video material quickly and easily Slideshare Is a great way to share presentations/tips and more on your website Shopping cart Sell products - physical, electronic or workshops - directly from the site –Shop windows Display products and services in lists Quick surveys Survey your site visitors to discover their challenges and questions Detailed surveys Conduct detailed surveys for client feedback, assessments and diagnostics

12 Keep them coming back Shuffle/Automatic Updates Display a randomly-changing list of things on your site - e.g. a "tip of the week" or "photo of the day" E-courses Deliver your expertise in automatically-scheduled e-mail courses –E-Book Downloads Publish e-books and special reports Events- RSS Feeds Publish a simple Web-based calendar of events or display latest industry news straight to your site. Password-protected areas (Intranet) Increase value by providing protected areas for selected clients –Document Vault Build a "resource library" of your favourite Web sites, e-books, audio clips and other material; and choose which parts you make public or private. Self-assessment quizzes Allow visitors to assess themselves & their business Podcasting e.g.

13 Learn from the best and delete the rest Sites that get it right!

14 Build credibility

15 Be direct – sign up on the home page

16 Help the visitor to think less

17 Package your service as a product

18 Create a community feel with your clients

19 BUT – at the end of the day its not what your site looks like but how it performs!

20 Ultimately about Return on Investment Only non product site of 1000 customers in Datum Connect’s Top Ten Email marketing really works just check out the spikes (screen shot) Enquiries - newsletter registrations 30% of business comes from the website

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