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CTE Conference Innovative Technology November 12, 2013 Farmington Marriott.

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1 CTE Conference Innovative Technology November 12, 2013 Farmington Marriott

2 Agenda Student Feedback Mirroring your Device Cloud Computing Capturing Videos and Audio On-Line Rubric Software 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1

3 Getting Students Involved Audience Response Systems   Audience answers in real time using mobile phones, Twitter, or web browsers Free versions available (does have some limitations if have larger classes)

4 Polleverywhere Select the Create Poll Option

5 Polleverywhere (cont.) Select Question Can be open ended or multiple choice

6 Polleverywhere (cont.) Hide the feedback until ready to review with your students (avoid student influence in responding)


8 Capturing Video and Audio Have you ever wanted to grab a video or audio clip from YouTube? and, allows you to extract video or audio and insert into lectures allows you to convert files that may not be supported in PowerPoint using your dropbox account

9 Capturing Videos (cont.) Convert Files Keep Video

10 Capturing Videos (cont.) Cloud Convert

11 Capturing Videos (cont.) Cloud Convert added to your dropbox


13 Mirroring your Device Smoothboard Air Real-time collaboration with laptops or tablets (android and apple) in classrooms and meeting rooms Supports collaboration with multiple devices No apps required

14 Mirroring your Device (cont.) Download smoothboard air software to the primary device Scan QR code (with tablet) or enter IP address into your browser followed by the PIN number Start Annotating


16 Rubrics Online, provides teachers a way to create, upload, or borrow (from a library of other users) assessment rubrics that they can then use to assess their students directly on any web-connected device, such as an iPad., Users can easily click to select, for each stated objective or performance, the specific identifiable performance characteristics reflecting the student’s mastery of performance and the rubric will automatically tabulate an overall score. You can even insert comments to the students if you wish. Once complete, the rubrics can be printed and given to the students or, if you have the ability, they can even be emailed to the students to save paper. The service also allows the teacher several options with regard to viewing specialized reports of their student’s performance.

17 Rubrics (cont.) Select the Manage Students to set up classes and rosters

18 Rubrics (cont.) Select the Design option to design or import rubrics

19 Rubrics (cont.) Select Import option (make sure in CSV format)

20 Rubrics (cont.) Change Year or Class or Rubric by selecting the drop down options

21 Rubrics (cont.) Resulting Screen Select to begin assessing students

22 Rubrics (cont.) Rubric Example

23 Rubrics (cont.) Be careful there is limited management In some cases you may have to email requests for editing features


25 Cloud Computing What is it?  Network of Remote Servers hosted on the Internet Allows you to:  Store  Manage  Process

26 Cloud Computing (cont.) Useful Cloud Computing Resources:  Drop Box Drop Box  Google  Screencast Screencast  Quizlet Quizlet

27 DropBox Free file hosting service Students can save work and have access anytime and anywhere

28 Google Google provides free hosting Students can work on Google docs, create websites and share calendars

29 Screencast-o-matic Screencast is a java based program that allows you to create screencasts on windows and mac based platforms Simply click on “START RECORDING” to begin

30 Screencast-o-matic (cont.) Screen will appear as below:

31 Screencast-o-matic (cont.) When you are done recording simply select one of the options to publish:  YouTube  Screencast  Your File Remember you can use convertfiles to convert video to a format recognized by PowerPoint

32 Quizlet On-Line learning tool Think Flash Cards and Games for students

33 Quizlet (cont.) Select the create option Make your flash cards

34 Quizlet (cont.) Select your set and pick a review option


36 Questions? Contact Me:

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