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Differentiating Instruction Using Edmodo Chantal Cravens, EMCSD Cynthia Diaz, EMCSD

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1 Differentiating Instruction Using Edmodo Chantal Cravens, EMCSD Cynthia Diaz, EMCSD For a copy of our presentation

2 What is Edmodo?

3 Edmodo is the largest social learning network in the world 20,000,000+ TOTAL USERS AROUND THE WORLD

4 Bonus Gift This free download was shared with me by our tech department. The download is free. You simply copy and paste the URL of any website and then download it. No more streaming problems!! We will add a video assignment today to your Edmodo.

5 Secure Platform Ensures Safety and Privacy Closed environment No private information required from students Students can only join classes by the invitation of their teacher All communication is archived Teacher has full management control Code LOCKS after 14 days of set up Students use this code to sign up

6 Create Your Teacher Account Create a teacher account if you are a teacher, administrator, or have another role in education

7 Update Your Account Settings Select your School Click the “Me” drop- down to access settings Upload a photo or an avatar Choose your privacy settings Customize email or text notifications

8 Teacher Homepage Post assignments, reminders, polls, or discussion questions Create groups for classes, clubs, PLCs, online courses, etc. Store unlimited content for easy sharing and re-use

9 Create Groups 1. Select the “+” in Groups section 2. Complete group information 3. Distribute Group Code or “Join Group” URL to members

10 Using Small Groups Only the members you put into small groups can access the communication stream Utilize small groups for group projects, differentiation, and to organize units or discussion separate from the main group.

11 Student Sign-Up Students who already have an account can log in and click the “+” Students are NOT required to give email address Students use your group code to register for a new account …And then enter the group code to join group

12 Student Homepage The backpack: Unlimited storage for documents, videos and other resources The backpack: Unlimited storage for documents, videos and other resources Students can only join groups. They cannot create groups Students receive notifications for grades, assignments, alerts or replies Students can only send messages to the entire group or directly to the teacher Parents use this code to create their account or add student to their existing account

13 Post a Message Post a Note, Alert, Assignment, Quiz or Poll. Attach any type of file or link Send to individual group, multiple groups, small groups, parents, individual students and/or teacher connections Send immediately or schedule posts for the future

14 Assignments View and grade assignments as they are turned in Each assignment you create is saved to bank for future access Choose a due date

15 Grading Assignments Teachers and co-teachers can provide feedback - Students can respond and a permanent record is kept for reference Teachers can annotate submitted assignments with comments and detailed feedback Grades are automatically added to the gradebook. (TIP: Input “LATE” to keep students from handing in late work)

16 Insights and Reactions View performance data on assignments and quizzes Student feedback on assignments and quizzes Within the “Progress” tab, click on “Insights” to see overall reactions

17 Need Help? Ask us a question Access help and links and attend or watch webinars in the help center Access the Support Community from your homepage

18 resources help-you-teach-edmodo/ Another video converter:

19 Edmodo… Let’s Visit my Edmodo page to see what is going on…



22 How to create a poll

23 Advanced Reader Small Group

24 Math 911 Group

25 Saturday GATE Academy


27 Award Badges To Your Students

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