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InStePP Student e-Pioneer Partnerships Moving towards accreditation Why? 20 mins With whom? 20 mins How? 40 mins Nicola Langton Project Manager Richard.

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1 InStePP Student e-Pioneer Partnerships Moving towards accreditation Why? 20 mins With whom? 20 mins How? 40 mins Nicola Langton Project Manager Richard Francis Project Director Cluster Meeting Exeter 27/03/2012

2 Possible Recognition Pathways Partnership 1 Partnership 2 Partnership 3 ILM-endorsed Course Independent Study Module (work-based learning) Certified membership of ALT / Full ILM accreditation courses Engage in one or more partnerships over 18 – 24 months Keep a reflective record of activities, experiences, lessons learned etc. Use all records and reflections accumulated over time to gain academic credit and / or professional body recognition as and when you are ready to

3 Issues with full accreditation from professional bodies Not able to tailor to local needs Prescribed units, content and assessment measures Prescribed order of learning and accreditation Alternatives to full accreditation Seeking endorsed recognition from professional bodies Advantages Offer alternative routes to full accreditation at a later date Work with partners to mimic accreditation processes and frameworks Tailor content, level, order to suit own needs Set up own moderation processes, standards, assignments etc Decide own learning outcomes Offer flexible deliver options Can assess participation in situ + reflection online

4 No.1 in UK + Europe for leadership & management, coaching & mentoring qualifications Part of the City & Guilds Group An awarding body with options and pathways Offer consultation on options, pathways and delivery Offer access to online resources relevant to options chosen InStePP Recognition Partner 1234 Attendance Certificate Delegates leave with an Oxford Brookes branded certificate ILM Development Programmes where ILM as the Awarding Body gives recognition to your programme. No Assessment ILM Endorsed Recognition Programme Same as Development Recognition but has formal assessment and possibility of pass or fail National Framework Qualifications NVQ or VRQ Only available if content fully matches programme specs and assessment 3

5 Option 3: Endorsed Recognition  Min 10 hrs input to students  Pass / fail measure  Tailored content and delivery so  good return on investment  Correct for students as rewards learning development (what they do)  Content can be selected from Option 4 (see handouts) e.g.  Effective team leadership  Exploring business enterprise (Award level 2)  Preparing business enterprise (Award + Certificate – 30 hours + 6hrs input)  Mentoring  £66pp registration  6 months ILM membership  access to ILM learning zone Brookes Future Leaders Award

6 InStePP Recognition Partner? What currently offer  Certified Membership to learning technologists via a portfolio based professional accreditation scheme (CMALT)  Assessment and support from peers  Access to a community of professionals and peers to aid ongoing development, reflection and engagement  Reduced ordinary membership rate for students including access to community and events What we would like them to develop and offer via InStePP project  An endorsed pre-CMALT programme designed around aspects of the CMALT framework developed and piloted via the InStePP project CMALT framework

7 CMALT Framework 1.Operational issues …demonstrate understanding and use of learning technology. + Evidence of: a)an understanding of the constraints and benefits of different technology; b)technical knowledge and ability in the use of learning technology; c)supporting the deployment of learning technologies. 1.Teaching, learning and / or assessment processes …demonstrate understanding of and engagement with teaching, learning and assessment processes. + Evidence of: a)an understanding of teaching, learning and/or assessment processes; b)an understanding of the target learners. 2.The wider context …demonstrate awareness of and engagement with wider issues that inform practice. + Evidence of: a)understanding and engaging with legislation, policies and standards. 3.Communication …demonstrate knowledge and skills in communication either through working with others or through interface design. + Evidence of either (a) or (b). a)Working with others. b)Interface between human and technical systems. See p 2 prospectus

8 The InStePP approach How student ePioneers will gain professional body recognition  Induct (similar to Future Leaders)  Train via the local partnership leads  Develop via further building blocks endorsed by ILM  Reflect and portfolio-build via ALT-style tracking, and pen-pal [Greg Benfield]  Feedback / Feedforward via special evaluation processes that are being developed  3-way partnership agreement  Student ePioneer Role cards  ALT framework for CMALT  ILM-endorsed course development that has at its core:  Effective teamworking (being a member, communicating, handling conflict, reviewing own performance  Innovation within the workplace (what it is, what forms it takes, drivers and how to apply /promote it, role of creative etc.)  Mentoring (role of a mentor, effective listening and questioning, agreeing outcomes, reviewing and amending processes etc.) Informed by

9 Mapping professional body recognition requirements to student ePioneer roles Select a role card to use Create a template for a portfolio of evidence around these categories (e.g. a mini CMALT)  Operational issues  Teaching, learning and/ or assessment processes  The wider context  Communication  Independent practice Resources  Student Researcher Role card (partially blank) + Worksheet Student Researcher Role cardWorksheet  Moodle Supporter Role card Moodle Supporter Role card  Moodle Supporter recruitment flyer Moodle Supporter recruitment flyer  3 -way contract 3 -way contract  CMALT prospectus CMALT prospectus  ILM Option 4 descriptors  CILIP descriptors etc How well and with what would students in the role be able to address these categories?

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